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Fellowship Of Friends/Fourth Way School/Living Presence Discussion – Page 162 April 7, 2018

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Welcome to the newest page of the Fellowship of Friends/Living Presence Discussion.

Here, you can share your thoughts, your stories, your own experiences as a former member of the FOF.  If you are considering becoming a member, you are invited to read the discussion to better know the organization you are considering joining; we welcome your questions. Participants in the discussion may post under their own name, or anonymously.

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1. crossroads - April 10, 2018

king of hearts

2. Mick - April 10, 2018

Sufism Reoriented Charter – Section VII – Organization – Item 4
“There should be no mandatory provisions requiring contribution of money for admission to the Order, for the continuation of membership, or for the holding of any office or authority.”

3. Insider - April 10, 2018

3. Mick

In THE CANONS OF THE FELLOWSHIP OF FRIENDS, dated January 1, 1986, Section 2.1.1 (Qualification of Membership), there is no mention of a monetary requirement for becoming a member (nor in any other section of the Canons). I don’t know if the subject of monetary payment is part of the By-Laws, of which I don’t have a copy.

I know that there is a current member who is refusing to make “teaching payments,” claiming that there is no written requirement to do so. (Why she wants to remain a member is beyond my understanding.)

4. Mick - April 11, 2018

P.S. My post is not intended as an endorsement of Sufism Reoriented or any such religion, group, cult, organization, etcetera.
P.P.S. Thank you for the information, Insider.

5. Insider - April 17, 2018

Various people within the FF report that there are 2 main dynamics going on with Robert these days: (1) He is going all out like never before with the coming “October prediction”; and (2) he is actively cleansing the FF of non-believers and non-supporters.

For this October’s unspecified world-wide disaster, he will be closing all centers for the month, asking everyone (some 1000 souls out there) to be in Apollo/Oregon House. All residents are to prepare for 2 weeks without electricity, and otherwise being off the grid and isolated from the outside world. It’s fascinating to observe the oft-skeptical old-timers, having been through a dozen of Robert’s failed “predictions,” falling for it once again (a la Charlie Brown), and excitedly making their preparations.

On the “cleansing” front, various people have been assigned to note those who do not regularly attend meetings and other so-called “teaching events” with Robert. These “sinners” are then spoken to, threatened, and/or given “leaves of absence.” Absolute loyalty to, and trust in, Robert is being demanded like never before. He wants only closely orbiting satellites now, no doubters or more independent types. Oh, and if 3 meetings per week has not been enough of a test of a follower’s loyalty, he now want to move toward having a meeting every day. This should expose the unfaithful in no time!

Some people wonder if Robert is planning the big “conscious being” announcement and “hand off” to Dorian in October when over 1000 followers are expected to be around. At the very least, he will undoubtedly bring in TONS of $$ from the overseas flock.

In any case, with both of these dynamics, it looks like Robert is putting all eggs in one basket, all or nothing, for one final role of the dice.

6. Golden Veil - April 19, 2018

7. Insider – April 17, 2018

“he will undoubtedly bring in TONS of $$ from the overseas flock.”

When I visited the cult nerve center from abroad there were no dues to pay, a sort of traveling dispensation of dues while in California – but maybe times have changed. Would love to hear about what REB’s latest prognostication is, the major earthquake, or whatever, when anyone learns what it is.

In the mean time, why not catch some honest cult fiction and see the latest cult movie, “The Endless?”


7. Linda Jo - April 20, 2018

Dear Robert Earl Burton,

The End Times Theorist Claims the Rapture is Coming April 23. . .

8. brucelevy - April 20, 2018

This is from a political article, but I think it’s an interesting view of cults…”Schwartz has been a strong voice since Trump started running for office and has been a frequent guest on Ari Melber’s show, The Beat. Thursday night he joined Ari to talk about a somewhat complex issue called confirmation bias and ‘gaslighting’ which is a tool that people use to manipulate others using psychological means into questioning their own sanity. It is a tool that sociopaths, abusers and psychopaths frequently employ to make their victims/cult believe that they re the only ones who are telling them “the truth.” It is terrifying and once someone has been effectively “gaslit” it is nearly impossible to convince them that their reality is incorrect.”…

9. Golden Veil - April 21, 2018

Yes, you could say Trump gaslit his way to the Presidency.

Schwartz is the author of The Art of the Deal.


As for Robert Earl Burton, here is one of his gems from Fifty Years With Angels. No doubt this story will hold the rapt attention of his loyal students.

“A few years ago, I was standing in the library of the Gallery, and all of a sudden Influence C whispered to me that the space between Tutankhamen’s eyes makes a square. I still remember the third state, standing there in the library. I quickly took out a book about Tutankhamen and looked at it. And there it was – the hidden answer. Around his eyes are four points – two at the bottom and two at the top – forming a passive space – “the throne of the soul,” as Descartes called the pineal gland. This is the single greatest esoteric object to survive, east or west. I used to think that Tutankhamen was looking at his nose – long BE – because he is cross-eyed. Then I realized he is not looking down, but straight ahead at the four wordless breaths.”
~ Fifty Years With Angels, page 63, last paragraph.

The above excerpt could be described as double-Esoterica.

10. brucelevy - April 21, 2018

12. Golden Veil

Or argle-bargle.

11. Insider - April 21, 2018

12. Golden Veil

I can’t describe with what intense reverence Burton’s believers lap this stuff up without question, event after event, year after year, actually believing that they will become divine enlightened conscious beings as a result. They will never see that Robert Burton is not working for anyone’s spiritual welfare, and in fact is doing everything possible to prevent it.

12. Mick - April 22, 2018

Some of them are Dreamers;
Some of them are Fools;
And, some of them think Being Present is all that matters

13. Fee fi fo fum - April 24, 2018

11. brucelevy

I think, for some supporters, it’s a means to an end. People support the current man in charge, despite being repelled by much of his coarse behavior, because they view him as a means to their extreme conservative agenda’s end.

There’s a similarity between the current political situation and the FF, where many FF members are disgusted with REB’s behavior. They’ve been aware of his self-serving greed and decline for many years.
Many members – especially old timers – turn a ‘blind eye’ to REB because they otherwise could not live with themselves (that is, live with their conscience). So one could say that the FF suppresses one’s conscience via fear and mind control. One pays a big price for that.

14. ton2u - April 29, 2018

Trenchant, what I hear is a seeking of amicable conflict resolution wherein there’s an objective consideration of the “rights” of both parties in order that one does not take unfair advantage of another.

For anyone devoid of conscience, for the malignant narcissist, there is no “objective” sense of right and wrong outside of the immediate gratification of narcissistic ‘id’ impulses… that is, the only sense of “right” is subjective – “right” in this case is that which satisfies said impulses. Consideration of others comes into play only insofar as the other may be used to satisfy these impulses. I think it was burton who used to say “a conscious being is law unto himself” – or words to that effect… this little “ism” helped him to rationalize his own amoral, unethical (ignoring fiduciary responsibilities as a “spiritual teacher”) and generally lawless behaviors… consideration of outside laws, even unwritten norms of conduct which might contribute to basic decency toward others in the social sphere, and any attempt to grapple with an objective sense of right and wrong in relation to another was never a factor for “conscious bob.” In a sense he represents the insidious flowering of the “I, me, mine” ethos…. do unto others whatever you can get away with.

15. Linda Jo - May 1, 2018
16. Linda Jo - May 2, 2018

Arkansas Bob’s Squeal Like a Pig Cult

17. Linda Jo - May 2, 2018
18. brucelevy - May 10, 2018

Remember when Robert pulled this shit? “This is not the first time this creepy Ohio televangelist has been in the news. Previously Ernest Angley made news after reports circulated that the televangelist forced followers to have abortions and vasectomies in order to avoid the costs of raising children because “Jesus needs money.”…http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2017/05/televangelist-ernest-angley-used-slave-labor-run-restaurant/

19. brucelevy - May 10, 2018

Angley’s church is a dangerous cult where pregnant women are encouraged to have abortions, childless men are encouraged to have vasectomies and Angley — who preaches vehemently against the “sin” of homosexuality — is himself a gay man who personally examines the genitals of the male parishioners before and after their surgeries. They also say he turns a blind eye to sexual abuse by other members of his church.

20. Golden Veil - May 16, 2018

28. – 29. trenchant

I think that the Fellowship of Friends environment exudes a very deep brainwash. The milieu is tantalizing – the international cultural exchange, acceptance of troubled souls, love bombing via attention. After some time in the cult it really takes a “shock” of some kind to wake up enough to disengage.

But as for those that have just run into the school and may be doing due diligence and researching it on the internet, I think that the writings here could impart information that would make those prospective students think twice about joining up. At least the ones that don’t need a green card.

As for why more people haven’t tried to sue for sexual abuse, etc., the sad truth is that though some students may be aware that they were brainwashed at the time they participated in same-sex acts with the teacher though they are heterosexual, or orgies, etc., and later regretted it – they agreed to – maybe not completely willingly – but agreed to, 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘢𝘨𝘦. They have no 𝘭𝘦𝘨𝘢𝘭 𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘦.

When even smart people are sexually molested, even violently, there can be a shame that makes it difficult to speak up about it. That is the culture that has prevailed in the Fellowship of Friends 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴.

Check out this story about four women who, I presume, unwittingly allowed themselves to be bullied into a weird sexual relationship with a violent man. It is much more common for the sexually abused to be quiet than to make a fuss or sue.


21. Golden Veil - May 16, 2018

It would be very constructive if we could get a Google Translator on this blog. That way, someone researching the cult in Russia, Italy, etc. could read the blog in their native language. If it could be installed at the very top of the page near the Search window, that would be great. I think that they are free.

Please see one here on the 𝘙𝘰𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘵 𝘌𝘢𝘳𝘭 𝘉𝘶𝘳𝘵𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘍𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘱 𝘰𝘧 𝘍𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘴 blog. It’s underneath the Introduction, on the left side.


22. brucelevy - May 16, 2018
23. Golden Veil - May 17, 2018

32. trenchant – 33. brucelevy

Wow, this is truly wild stuff. I’m definitely a neophyte in the Regardie / Golden Dawn arena, but I’ve got to say, this has to be the stuff of role play and fantasy (sound familiar?) One sentence on the biographical page about Israel Regardie that brucelevy references above speaks volumes: “Beginning in 1928 he traveled through Europe as Aleister Crowley’s lover, secretary and student.” Boy, that definitely sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That Regardie ended up getting psychoanalyzed and began to practice as a kind of mental health psychotherapist himself comes as no surprise after all the weirdness he went through.

Speaking of weirdness, I gave the above referenced website less than a few minutes of my time but quickly found this section about a “secret mind virus.”


Wow, maybe David Cronenberg wasn’t far off the mark! He has Brian O’Blivion, a Marshall McLuhan inspired character in Cronenberg’s brilliant science fiction film Videodrome say, “The battle for the mind of North America will be fought on video.”

24. brucelevy - May 17, 2018

Regardie was into Hermetics, as in hermes trismegistus. A very interesting occult following.

25. brucelevy - May 17, 2018

The “secret mind virus” is really interesting.

26. Bryan Reynolds - May 18, 2018

Huffingtonpost article 4-18-18.

Interview with Donald Trump and Bill Gates
Bill Gates mentions that Trump refers to himself in the third person.


27. ton2u - May 18, 2018

Trenchant 38
I don’t disagree with your assessment of Trump but I think your own stereotyping of the inhabitants of a nation – from “whole cloth” so to speak – is another form of simple bigotry… it’s something we’ve come to expect from the current cast of buffoons inhabiting the “White House.” This has lent a sort of tacit permission for expressions of bigotry in the wider populace, and apparently not just here in the USA. Bigotry is openly embraced by the “leaders” – those who have the “bully’s pulpit” and a platform from which to spew this sort of filth, causing this particular “mind virus” to spread…

But I would expect better from a more or less enlightened sort such as yourself – I’m not sure who in particular you imagine you’re describing but that’s the problem with a bigoted perspective – it ignores the unique qualities of the individual. Yours is a grossly generalized description of some of the worst traits in humanity at large – I will give you that Trump represents a symptom and the hideous flowering of the I,me,mine mentality but this is a mentality which is not uniquely American by any stretch of the imagination. I will say that your description does not fit the individuals here that I would consider to be my friends, colleagues or acquaintances… of course once in a while one comes across an asshole but one learns who to avoid.

Government policies can be and often are twisted, abhorrent even – I don’t think that reflects on the citizens as much as it reflects upon a broken system – one that is corrupted through and through by money and greed and entrenched power structures. In my opinion it would be more accurate to look at those who are funding politicians as the root of this corruption…. those pulling the levers of power are the self-seeking who are fearful of losing their grip on power… more often than not this takes the form of corporate interests, which is of course based on the priority of profits, profit at any cost – ironic isn’t it?

From someone who lives in the USA I don’t think it’s entirely fair to imply that those who inhabit this country deserve the braying jackass Trump…. the gimmick of an ‘electoral college’ which routinely puts a person in office despite losing the majority of the popular vote is another piece of a broken system fueled by money – an out of control machine run by those with pockets deep enough, and not the “common wo/man” in any case…. the vote is a sham, a scam on the public, part and parcel of the illusion, the charade.


28. ton2u - May 19, 2018

Thank you for a civil, thoughtful response – I hesitated before posting my feeling @ 39 – the absurdity and corruption of current politics has more to do with said feeling than what you posted – your post merely served as a trigger…. I hesitated before posting because – like you imply – political discussions tend to either elicit agreement or acrimony dependent upon which “side” one happens to be on… it’s a shame there has to be “sides” in human relations but that’s the way it is as it turns out… and my hesitation was because mainstream politics is off topic here as you say… although one might tangentially compare the I,me,mine, avaricious, entitled, dictatorial, mentality of a trump and a burton…

Likewise, I feel no acrimony towards you old friend.

29. J.D. - May 20, 2018

@ 32, 33, 34

Wow! That whole secret mind virus epidemic sales pitch is fantastic.
Did you see the faces of the couple of the live webinar ad?
“The antidote for the grape flavored Kool-Aid is the rose flavored Kool-Aid.”
“Try our new Mokshaccino: it’s idyllic!”

It’s not a secret, the mind virus is non other than belief.
Everyone can be infected, it doesn’t matter whenever or wherever on earth one is born.
It reminded me that a couple of years ago I came across a similar interesting post about “The Creedin Syndrome” and its effects.
These are the links:



There is also a page on our beloved RB and Asaf’s Be.period.

The blog is in Italian, but there is a translation box to click on, although the English translation is often erratic.

30. Golden Veil - May 25, 2018

Update: Asaf Braverman and BePeriod.com

There have been a few developments on the website of former Robert Earl Burton right-hand man and Fellowship of Friends student Asaf Braverman since my first viewing some months ago.

Other than identifying him as the founder of the Be Period, Asaf Braverman is described on the website by the humble title “English Community Manager.

The BePeriod.com website offers 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦 live online introductory workshops for its Fourth Way school. Although Asaf Braverman leads the workshops in English, the website has been cloned into five additional languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hindi; coming soon, Hungarian. What appears to be native speakers conduct introductory workshops in the various languages. New translators are invited, “Would you like to help launch a new language? Contact us.”

The change that I see as particularly significant is the removal from the About page on the website of Robert Burton, and Burton’s teacher, Alex Horn ~ that previously proposed a lineage from Gurdjieff. At first I was impressed, but then I soon realized that since Braverman was a student of Robert Burton for twenty-plus years, it would be conscientious of him to share the main source of the knowledge that is imparted to the school’s students ~ on the About page of Be Period.

Braverman’s own website, AsafBraverman.com has not been changed this way. The Alex Horn to Robert Burton to Asaf Braverman lineage is still there, Do you think that this information should be included on the Be Period website where he is imparting esoteric knowledge? I think so. Also, the video on his website purports that Asaf Braverman is in California, while it is reputed that he has returned to Israel with his wife and child.

Jerusalem is the location of the 2018 Be Period annual event:

Join us for an esoteric exploration of Jerusalem, the ‘City of Peace.’ Observe the conflict between inner and outer interpretations of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Witness how the inner meaning that sparked these traditions is still accessible if only we know where to seek it. Experience the opportunity of learning with other fourth way students during the day and rehearsing with them at night. Use the effort, inspiration, and intensity of this gathering to experience your own ‘inner peace’…”

Back to the About page of the Be Period website, I notice that in the section where Braverman uses a pyramid as an illustrative tool to describe the process of man’s possible evolution, he claims the necessity to “𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘻𝘦 𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘦𝘯𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘭𝘪𝘵𝘺, and the need of awakening conscience.” I find this perplexing and oxymoronic, but maybe it is not. After all, should this refection be surprising, given as it is by, as a friend succinctly puts it, a longtime sociopathic understudy?

31. crossroads - May 28, 2018

Question: Would there be such vehemence/fervor -as the one shown by “students” to their teacher (displayed right above this post -fuck!) for so many years, when it came down to hand him money… and those who gave him work, would they do the same -donating with vehemence/fervor to > > The Fund for Victims of FOF?

32. Associated Press - May 29, 2018

“Woman Trafficked by Cult Is Awarded $8 Million: ‘They Took My Childhood’” (New York Times):

33. Bryan Reynolds - June 1, 2018

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton, who once taught at Harvard Medical School, wrote a paper titled Cult Formation in the early 1980s. He delineated three primary characteristics, which are the most common features shared by destructive cults.

1. A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose power. That is a living leader, who has no meaningful accountability and becomes the single most defining element of the group and its source of power and authority.

2. A process [of indoctrination or education is in use that can be seen as] coercive persuasion or thought reform [commonly called “brainwashing”].

3. Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.

The culmination of this process can be seen by members of the group often doing things that are not in their own best interest, but consistently in the best interest of the group and its leader.

Lifton’s seminal book Thought Reform and Psychology of Totalism explains this process in considerable detail.

The destructiveness of groups called cults varies by degree, from labour violations, child abuse, medical neglect to, in some extreme and isolated situations, calls for violence or mass suicide.

Some groups that were once seen as “cults” have historically evolved to become generally regarded as religions. Power devolved from a single leader to a broader church government and such groups ceased to be seen as simply personality-driven and defined by a single individual. For example the Seventh-day Adventists, once led by Ellen White, or the Mormons church founded by Joseph Smith.

Some groups may not fit the definition of a cult, but may pose potential risks for participants. Here are 10 warning signs of a potentially unsafe group or leader.

• Absolute authoritarianism without meaningful accountability.

• No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.

• No meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget or expenses, such as an independently audited financial statement.

• Unreasonable fear about the outside world, such as impending catastrophe, evil conspiracies and persecutions.

• There is no legitimate reason to leave, former followers are always wrong in leaving, negative or even evil.

• Former members often relate the same stories of abuse and reflect a similar pattern of grievances.

• There are records, books, news articles, or broadcast reports that document the abuses of the group/leader.

• Followers feel they can never be “good enough”.

• The group/leader is always right.

• The group/leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

34. John Harmer - June 2, 2018

49 Brian Reynolds, That hits the Fellowship nail very firmly on the head. I would have included Christianity and Islam in the list of cults that were later seen as religions, but then hey.

35. WhaleRider - June 2, 2018

“Even today, the overall shame of being identified not only as a member of a cult but as a “sex slave” — of having their control and choice, and, essentially, humanity, stripped from them — has kept many silent.”


36. Tim Campion - June 4, 2018
37. crossroads - June 5, 2018

There is an old saying: “Surprises Life will give you”.

Another one of Robert’s favorites and, I must confess, mine too, is:
“Find your fate in the way you take to avoid it” –
Anyways, WhaleRider, I wanted to ask: in your opinion, how is it that a person expresses his/er self with violence and coercion and manipulation instead of clarity and “straight forwardness”?
Say, “Listen, I think the best for all parties is that you do -maybe- such and such.
Instead, the needs are expressed with violence… and the fabrication of drama…
What do you think? Why is it?

38. crossroads - June 5, 2018

…and just to make cross:

“The awakening process follows the line of ancient initiatic trials and stages of purification. Nature purifies by corruption, decomposition, putrefaction. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the elements return to where they must”.

39. WhaleRider - June 5, 2018

Why do some people use violence and manipulation to express their needs?

My opinion is that some people, lacking in emotional maturity, act out to express their needs due to the unresolved “empathetic failures” of their caregivers in childhood. To compensate, the person in question unconsciously seeks to make others feel the pain and suffering they themselves are unable or unwilling to contain.

Humans do more damage to themselves and others avoiding feelings instead of working through them with the help of an empathetic listener.

40. Mick - June 18, 2018

Behind the Scenes at Disney

Studio Exec.: “So let me get this straight, Mickey. You want to divorce your wife, Minnie, because she’s crazy?”
Mickey: “I didn’t say she was crazy, I said she was fucking Goofy.”

41. Golden Veil - June 24, 2018

“Being a cult member or whatever” Beinstock tells me—his words, not mine—“we didn’t have any money, and so we couldn’t really get a loan.”

On his aim to create his own winery after leaving the Fellowship of Friends – Gideon Beinstock as quoted by Jenny Eagleton in her May 30, 2018 piece on the history of Fellowship of Friends wine making, the “Wild, Wild Wine Country” on the Sprudge Wine blog.

A former Robert Burton / Fellowship of Friends student, Beinstock, like some other current and former students, learned a life profession during his stay in the Fellowship of Friends, yet lived in financial poverty. Like many, he came to Oregon House with high aspirations.

“Beinstock learned about The Fellowship from a bookmark he found tucked into a philosophy book in the 70s, a practice The Fellowship still uses to intrigue new members. After Gideon learned about the group, he packed up and headed to California from France to become a part of the first days of The Fellowship. At that time Oregon House, CA was host to a rowdy and cerebral group of young artists, theorists, psychologists, and high-minded thinkers who were brought together by the promise of community and raised states of consciousness.”

Yes, many members of the Fellowship of Friends were lured in as Beinstock was, expanded their esoteric / spiritual knowledge base, albeit sometimes in twisted, inauthentic ways; yet learned a practical, life long profession. But, for some this expansion of knowledge and skills came at high, soul-eating moral cost.

At the close of Wild, Wild Wine Country, Jenny Eagleton brings us to the present state of affairs.

“From an outsider’s perspective, The Fellowship seems today to be in decline, compared to its 70s and 80s heyday. Numerous allegations have been made in and out of court against Burton, who is alleged to have made a habit of promising a higher state of consciousness to the young sons of Fellowship members in exchange for sex, according to the LA Times. The winery no longer operates, and Burton’s alleged doomsday visions—including an alleged prediction for nuclear war in 2006—have not panned out, thankfully. Because it’s such a personality-driven group and Burton is close to 80, it’s hard to know what will happen to the Fellowship, Apollo, all that art and sculpture, the Renaissance winery, and its massive stock of back vintages when Burton inevitably departs this earthly sphere for another form of presence.”

And I wonder, what will become of the “back vintage” students, who have lived up to forty-plus years under the Fellowship of Friends false aura of comradery, good and beauty with its rotten Burton core?


42. Insider - June 25, 2018

41, Golden Veil

“And I wonder, what will become of the “back vintage” students, who have lived up to forty-plus years under the Fellowship of Friends false aura of comradery, good and beauty with its rotten Burton core?”

It will certainly be a fine mess, especially as there are many different categories of followers (rich-poor, married-single, family-no family), as well as many scenarios of what will happen externally post-Burton.

A few of the possible scenarios:

–Donations will largely dry up, almost immediately. The next scheduled payroll will not be met. Many followers currently employed by the FF will be discharged. Apollo itself may continue to function for a while as antiques and animals are sold to pay bills. Eventually it will be decided to shut down the church, i.e. turn it over to the state of CA for whatever needs to happen when a religious org stops functioning. Current followers will be on their own for the first time in 40+ years.

–Enough followers will be motivated to keep Apollo running on a social level. They will be willing to buy a monthly/yearly “country-club” membership to be able to meet together, dine, etc. Memberships might even be offered to “outsiders.” The Board of Directors, and their choice of “head minister,” will make all important decisions.

–Dorian will be declared a “conscious being” later this year (some think during the Oct 21 doomsday timeframe when 100s of non-OH-based followers will be taking shelter at Apollo), as “predicted” by Burton a few months ago. Enough “back vintage” followers will believe it, as it’s way too late for them to start disbelieving anything coming from Burton. These old followers, probably now averaging around 70 years old, combined with a couple hundred Dorian/Rowena devotees out in the centers (especially Western Europe, Russia and India), will try to remake the so-called “school” in Dorian’s image. Dorian will capably act like a “conscious being,” all the while understanding that it really won’t matter, since enough former Burton followers will believe him to be “conscious,” thus freeing him to act any way he pleases.

–A number of factions will compete for followers, money and power. There is the Dorian/Rowena/Steven D group. There is a sizable Russian faction, which has been the most active in the innermost circles of Burton and the Galleria. There are the Israelis, second in power within the Galleria only to the Russians. Some say there is even a “French Connection” involving the likes of Edith M*nn*, Alisanne Fr*w, Maria M*ch*do, etc. And then there’s the Board of Directors (Ethan H*rr*s, Alan S, Wayne M*tt, etc.) drooling over the power they will one day wield.

43. Insider - July 1, 2018

News from the Farm:

In a communiqué to Robert Burton’s followers, June 27 has been declared an official Fellowship of Friends holiday: the anniversary of “The Absolute’s” first visit (in 2014) to Burton and Apollo.

Burton is obsessed with his own prediction for Oct 21 of this year, spending entire meetings on how to get prepared. Subjects include food storage, extra eyeglasses, and weapons. At a recent meeting he talked so much about to need for followers to arm themselves, that cooler heads in the FF leadership had to make the decision to remove the recorded broadcast from the followers-only website, the thinking being that if followers can view the meeting, so can government officials who might be monitoring FF developments.

Followers, in larger numbers, are beginning to question why Burton wants hundreds of other followers to congregate in Oregon House during October, if the risk of a major disaster is so high. Although Burton refuses to be specific, he believes the possibilities include fire, earthquake, volcano, civil unrest, and no electricity for 2 weeks. Indeed, wouldn’t the followers living in Europe, Russia, India, etc. be safer staying at home?

Many followers are beginning to notice/question Burton’s “mental state;” repeating himself; forgetting names and events; almost babbling, it seems to some. One follower noted that his two ever-present handlers at all of his events, Dorian and Sasha, have the responsibility to keep the followers from noticing Burton’s “insanity.”

Although his followers are busy preparing for the October disaster by buying food, stocking up on toilet tissue, starting gardens, and of course thinking about getting firearms, Burton himself is preparing by continuing a multi-year buying spree of fireplaces, statues and chandeliers. No one seems to have any idea why Burton is doing this.

Plans are being made for maximum security at Apollo between now and October, and probably extending beyond October. Burton is talking about multiple trailers at all the possible entrances, with fully armed guards of course. Within Apollo, the same level of protection is being proposed for the winery, Apollo D’Oro, and the Galleria (which is already being guarded 24/7).

Followers are being asked to have a couple weeks (at least) food storage, and to store it at the winery, where individual lockers will be provided.

Prospective followers are still being enticed by “4th Way” knowledge at their “open” and/or “prospective” meetings. Apparently the hook still works, at least until they attend or watch their first Burton meeting, and have to listen to him for an hour, non-stop, talking about disaster predictions, visits from the Absolute, and promises of Paradise if they remain Burton’s follower.

That’s all for now. Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, as it is now every day.

44. brucelevy - July 1, 2018

These people are literally fucking insane.

45. brucelevy - July 1, 2018

Another stroke fest for the Queen.

46. ton2u - July 1, 2018

So fortunate and grateful for my independence, my freedom from this form of insanity.

47. Golden Veil - July 1, 2018

43. Insider July 1, 2018

Wow! That’s just crazy but at the same time to be expected!

Odd how Man Number 7 (is that Burton’s reputed designation?) just can’t break out of his psycho patterns. Not odd that perhaps dementia is setting in…

Here’s a link to a former student’s “exit interview.”

48. Wouldnt You Like To Know - July 2, 2018

162/5 Insider – April 17, 2018
“Various people within the FF report that there are 2 main dynamics going on with Robert these days: (1) He is going all out like never before with the coming “October prediction”; and (2) he is actively cleansing the FF of non-believers and non-supporters.

For this October’s unspecified world-wide disaster, he will be closing all centers for the month, asking everyone (some 1000 souls out there) to be in Apollo/Oregon House. All residents are to prepare for 2 weeks without electricity, and otherwise being off the grid and isolated from the outside world. It’s fascinating to observe the oft-skeptical old-timers, having been through a dozen of Robert’s failed “predictions,” falling for it once again. . .

it looks like Robert is putting all eggs in one basket, all or nothing, for one final role of the dice.”

U.S. Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) speaks on PBS program To The Contrary, with Bonnie Erbé, about her experience, forty years ago, of being shot five times, and left for dead, when she visited Peoples Temple Jonestown, at the time of the massacre that left 900+ people dead. In November 1978, as legal adviser to Leo Ryan, she was part of the Congressional entourage. She has a forthcoming book, Undaunted, that will cover that and other matters. See video below.

Is Robert Earl Burton, and the Fellowship of Friends, planning something special for its members about the time of this anniversary? What could it be? Have you drunk the Kool-Aid yet?

49. Golden Veil - July 2, 2018

Transcription of “Exit Interview” video of Post 47

Below is the text of the YouTube version of the aforementioned recorded “Exit Interview,” and preceding it, an introduction ** by the former student (JH) who made the call, with some minor edits.
It was previously published on the Robert Earl Burton blog.

** JH: This a tape recording of an “exit interview” between a disgruntled student of The Fellowship of Friends and the leader of that cult, a man named Robert Burton (RB.) What follows is the second part of that recording. In the first part he was asked how many of his students he had had sex with; he declined to give a figure. One of his main claims was/is to be in direct communications with 44 disembodied spirits of significant cultural figures from the past.

The student (JH) noticed that he appeared to be suffering from “ideas of reference” and doubted this as a procedure to authenticate the claimed origin of these spooky advisors. Burton (RB) called his imaginary friends Influence C. JH wanted to probe Burton as to what method, if any, he used to convince himself that the messages are not the products of his own mind.

This the very coinage of your brain: This bodiless creation ecstasy
Is very cunning in.

~ Hamlet act 3 scene IV

Oh, yes. Shakespeare was one of Burton’s cosmic buddies.

The recording. which dates from 1989, is poor; an old Walkman with a sucker microphone stuck to the phone. Text is provided to assist the listener to catch all the words of wisdom.**

~ ~ ~

JH: The uh, other thing I’d like to know is what method you use to convince yourself that the messages that you think you’re getting from C influence are from the source that you say they are rather than perhaps for example your own mind?

RB: Well…well the Gods reveal themselves to me. I…uh…I do not uh…It’s not my station….uh I have to say they reveal themselves (by faith?)….They are forming an ark using me…and uh…they—they use a variety of—a variety of means to communicate they—they actually…um…they have somewhat of a physical-metaphysical presence that they use to communicate. This is a relationship of a man number seven to higher school.

JH: Yes. And did you ever wonder if they might be just something in your own mind?

RB: No of course not. Like my mother’s name was Shock. My—my mother’s maiden name was Velma Shock.

JH: Yes.

RB: So it’s a—it’s a very kind of brutal experience verifying influence C (because) they have a heavy hand—it’s so long as though [or, “I said long ago”] they carry a wand in one hand and a club in the other, you are touched by both.

JH: Yes. I mean if you know how easy it is for people to um become convinced of—of mistaken ideas?

RB: No—no I’m quite aware of it John. In search of the miraculous and I have found the miraculous. Something-something we are given…not—not a right apparently you’ve forgotten but I—I’m not in imagination at all about influence C. It’s very—it’s a real burden…to carry them, but it’s a dear burden and one I would never drop.

JH: I mean you’re aware that many people think they are getting messages from strange places.

RB: Oh, I—I know that. Influence C pressures people into reality. You know they…they take people beyond allurement and uh…it’s no uh easy thing to bear them. Well dear I guess that’s…my time for now. I mean give my love to Barbara and my love to you.

Source: https://robertearlburton.blogspot.com/search?q=john+harmer

50. brucelevy - July 2, 2018

RB has always been the quintessential c**t.

51. Golden Veil - July 2, 2018

48. Wouldn’t You Like to Know July 2, 2018

“Is Robert Earl Burton, and the Fellowship of Friends, planning something special for its members about the time of this anniversary? What could it be? ”

I have found myself wondering about this too. Hopefully if anyone is drinking poison it is only one person, the Queen.

Thanks for posting the interview with U.S. Representative Jackie Speier. It is amazing that she survived the 5 gunshots! Who, I wonder, staunched her bleeding?

I read the reports of firearms and heavy guards at the perimeter of Apollo, the winery, etc., in Insider’s post 43 on July 1st with dismay

52. brucelevy - July 3, 2018

51. Golden Veil

Pussies with guns in Lala land. RB always had a gun/cock fetish. Typical flaming queen. And his dickless flying monkeys. Anyone show up there with real guns they would shit their pants.

53. Golden Veil - July 10, 2018

Can a man be a member of the #MeToo movement?

You betcha!

Below, a personal history from Fellowship of Friends former student John, who posted about his experience being placed in the Blake Cottage and serving as Robert Burton’s “attaché” on the Miles Barth In Memoriam page, Greater Fellowship, on July 6, 2017.

“Reflecting on my time in the Fellowship still provides an opportunity for work.

It is not my wish to speak ill of the dead – only to relay my memories as best I can. Who knows the truth?

My first visit to Renaissance was in the summer of ’78. Even back then, it was like walking into Rivendell (Lord of the Rings) or Hogwarts -for you younger escapees…

I was quite literally spell bound by the elegance of the Meissen Room, the beauty and scope of the vineyard, the excellence of the antique octave, the concerts, the intellectual and emotional depth of the students, their sophistication, refinement, their level of commitment, and the efforts they made …

And many if not most of them were spell bound like me. Naïve, innocent, dreaming – imagining a perfect world created and directed by a deity.

I should have “smelled the coffee burning”.

If I remember right, I was helping Brian paint Dorothy’s cottage on my weekend visits to Renaissance. I did not know Brian well but came to understand that he was being sent away for “spreading rumors” about RB and that I would be taking his place at the Blake Cottage. Dorothy turned to me and said something to the effect of “…such a sweet young man – how could he say such terrible things about Robert”? This I remember very clearly.

Of course discussing rumors about the teacher was strictly verboten – so I did not ask. I wish I had.

If Dorothy – who was not even on the fringes of the inner circle – suspected something was (as the saying goes) “rotten in Denmark”, does anyone think the older students were unaware? Again I emphasize – I was not the first “9 month wonder”. My suspicion is that most of them (if not all) at first refused to believe (like me), then justified the behavior (like me), and then went into denial – a luxury I could not afford.

I cannot imagine many experiences that would equal or surpass visiting this magical place for months – hearing the words “crown prince”, “conscious role”, “Lord North”, and then… the first night in the Blake Cottage… having the curtain pulled back and the dark side exposed.

At first, I tried to rationalize RB’s behavior as a test but that didn’t last long. I found myself looking up references to double/incorrect crystallization, hasnamuss, and so on… I still don’t know what went wrong.

In any case – the “wine, dine & travel” octave had begun… “The Magic Flute” in L.A., Baryshnikov in San Francisco, Tavern on the Green in New York, two trips to Europe – Amsterdam (to bid on a roll top desk), London, Munich, Paris… (I don’t remember the exact order). I was Robert’s “attaché” on the first trip and the “motor” for Kevin’s wheelchair on the second. (Sadly, Kevin became ill in Paris and we spent most of the trip there).

I found the opportunity to observe myself was profound. I did my best to recall Gurdjieff’s advice – “The worse the conditions of life, the more productive the work, always provided you remember the work”.

I cannot express how productive those difficult days were. I had a very new and different perspective on “The Teacher” and the ideas. Imagination, identification, considering, expressing negative emotions, lying…

It was confusing and enlightening at the same time. I verified the usefulness and validity of The Work in ways that would have taken years by any other route. In a way I suppose I should be thankful. Many have labored and suffered for decades under his spell. My eyes were opened and I began to look for an exit.

It was not easy. No money. No car. In addition, Louis told me that I was considered a “flight risk” and would be watched quite carefully.

Late at night on the Ides of March in 1979, I gathered what was left of my worldly possessions into a back pack and tip-toed out of the Blake Cottage and on to the road. Fortunately, a newer student was driving the first car that came along. I told him Robert had granted me a three day vacation. He had no idea I was running. I was so thankful. Who knows what might have happened if I had been caught trying to escape. Probably transferred to the London Center for reprogramming. Ha!

Unfortunately, I did not escape undamaged. I have not and do not think I will ever fully trust another teacher, school or human being. That’s had an impact on every relationship I’ve had since leaving the Fellowship.

And as many here probably know – working alone is only so productive.”

~ ~ ~

If there is someone out there that was or is a former or current “boy” of Robert Burton, there are agencies for help – and reporting.

“You are not alone.

It was not your fault.

It is possible to heal.

It is not too late.”

From: https://www.malesurvivor.org/index.php

See also:


54. Mick - July 12, 2018

Purgatives Part I
“Never believe that these false saints and false gurus are spiritually advanced. They only pose as if they are advanced. They have their own peculiar unnatural sanskaras [impressions] which cause them to have within them the tendency to enjoy gathering followers. They want people to bow to them. This unnatural tendency causes them to enjoy being called saint, guru, master; though, all the while, they only pretend to be spiritual. They Avatar, however, uses their peculiar tendencies and makes them a medium for his work in the world. THEY ARE HIS TOILETS. People unknowingly go to these false saints and false gurus to clear themselves of their own obstructing sanskaras. When they have dumped all they can in the toilet, they feel comfortable and relieved. Their approach toward the path to God is cleared. Gradually they turn from the false saints to the Avatar who is the real Source of their relief. It was the Avatar’s yogayoga sanskaras, acting in them as a purgative, that urged them to seek a saint or guru.”
From an essay “Humiliation” by V.S. (Bhau) Kalchuri

55. Nevasayneva - July 12, 2018

When you hear about the October thing, you do go “Really? He is going to pull that one again?!” I was glad I was there for the 1998 one- well, no I was not glad I was there at all of course (I mean in the bigger picture of where you could be) – but in the small picture of hilarious things, it was rather fun. There does seem to be this survivalist, apocalyptic, fear-thy-neighbor, end-of-the-world-is-nigh strain in society anyway. Clever demagogues/manipulators have probably always exploited it. Remember the Meaning of Life?? seems like the Meaning of Life is to Live. That’s it! No influenece C, meeting the angels BS….its just to Live!

56. Golden Veil - July 13, 2018

53. Golden Veil – July 10, 2018

John, whose time in the Fellowship of Friends and exit story is related in my above mentioned post, gave permission to publicly reprint his experiences here. The Greater Fellowship, from where his post originated, is a private forum for members only.


54. Mick – Jukly 12, 2018

The quote you posted from the essay “Humiliation” by V.S. (Bhau) Kalchuriis is almost an oxymoronic lecture, don’t you think? That is, to me he speaks of knowing the intentions and workings of the 𝘈𝘷𝘢𝘵𝘢𝘳 much like Robert Burton speaks of his personal relationship with the 𝘈𝘣𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘶𝘵𝘦.

55. Nevasayyneva – July 12, 2018

Writing about apocalyptic and end-of-times theories and how ” Clever demagogues/manipulators have probably always exploited it.”

Yes, and this time Robert Burton seems to be using 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘦𝘢𝘳 generated primarily out of the Trump / North Korea exchanges earlier this year. See the last line in the below quote from Robert Burton’s latest biook Fifty Years with Angels (2017). He called in all his flock for a late June, early July fleecing! The below is reprinted from a June 27, 2018 RobertEarlBurton.Blogspot.com post.

Journey Forth to Apollo – Summer 2018

[ed. – As noted below, June 27th marks the 4th anniversary of the Absolute’s visitation. Just to be clear, the Absolute is Burton’s term for the creator of the universe, of heaven and earth. “He” dropped in on Oregon House, just to confirm Burton and his flock are in good hands.

“Because of that visit, we have a very personal contact with Him now. With His visit, we have become the conscious family of the Absolute on earth. He came to us in the nursery to remind us that He loves us and that He is with us. Shakespeare said, “I am friends with you all and love you all” – the Fellowship of Friends. The visitation of the Absolute will always be one of our greatest moments. My crystallization was also important because, without it, we could not have been present to the Absolute. He would not have even bothered to visit us. But He knows that we are under great pressure because the darkest day in the history of humanity on this earth – hydrogen warfare – is approaching.”

– Robert Earl Burton, Fifty Years with Angels, page 71

~ ~ ~

Oh criminyl! What a bunch of malarkey!

In reality, the Journey Forth to Apollo – Summer 2018 special week at Apollo is mostly a series of fundraising events, only semi-disguised. See the actual Journey Forth to Apollo 𝘚𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘥𝘶𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘌𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘴 on the Robert Earl Burton blog, in the second half of the June 27, 2018 post.


57. Insider - July 15, 2018

51. Golden Veil

“I read the reports of firearms and heavy guards at the perimeter of Apollo, the winery, etc., in Insider’s post 43 on July 1st with dismay.”

Regarding his latest doomsday preparations, Burton is revealing 2 huge obsessions: security and food.

Clearly Burton’s suggestions for followers to arm themselves (in addition to security measures for Apollo) is designed to create as many circles of defense as possible around Burton. But the outermost circles, comprised of people who, for various reasons, have no business owning a firearm, will be in the most danger. Basically, Burton is asking his followers to risk their lives in order that he might be safer, to make the ultimate sacrifice for one’s “teacher.”

On the food front, Burton wants to quickly move to self-sufficiency. There are plans for a large expansion of the garden (not the one at the Galleria, but the one next to the old soccer field), including space to raise chickens, pigs and sheep. Followers are very excited about this development, but they should not be. Burton is not proposing to care for and feed the flock post-apocalypse. It is only for Apollo itself, Burton, his Galleria circle, other “friends” of Burton for whom homes are being brought into the old “Court of the Caravans.”

The Fellowship and Burton are now displaying and implementing a “bunker” mentality. Secure the perimeter, have a very large food supply, lots of guns and ammo, keep out the hungry hoards.

It’s becoming “us vs. them,” not only relative to followers and non-followers (as it has always been), but now even with regards to actual Apollo residents and everyone else. No doubt, if and when the SHTF, Burton will throw all but a few of his followers under the bus to save his sorry ass.

58. Bryan Reynolds - July 20, 2018
59. Nevasayneva - July 20, 2018

Re 58 Bryan Reynolds
Thank you for the article. Interesting read.
I think the term “Brainwashing” does take away the aspect of personal responsibility. I suppose we can blame RB et al, but at least in my case, I was the gullible dummy who signed up and signed checks every month for Way too long & current FOF members can maintain to themselves the comforting fiction that people come and “get what they need” “learn what they have to learn” etc etc, but in my case the only thing I learned in 20 years was how gullible I was. But I am not beating myself up about this. Its over. Just not going to join another one!

60. alegicqueau - July 21, 2018

I just posted a new blog on cults and attachment traumas

I mentioned Robert Burton there as I was a FoF member from 1993 to 1996

61. brucelevy - July 21, 2018
62. ton2u - July 22, 2018

60. alegicqueau – July 21, 2018

A brief expression of impressions: as I began reading from the link I felt something like appreciation for the shared insights on intra and inter personal levels. As I read on I questioned where a process of untangling and understanding personal history and family dynamics becomes self-indulgent, self-absorbed, self-involvement… i.e. narcissism and vanity. Then the hook… clicking on associated links something begins to smell “fishy” – the shared insights appear to be, from my admittedly jaded perspective, a type of “fishing expedition.”

63. brucelevy - July 22, 2018

60. alegicqueau

I don’t know you but after perusing your blog I come away with the feeling that you’re back into the mini-guru mode that RB fined you for. Personally, for me, I don’t trust anyone who puts themselves out there as a “spiritual teacher” of any kind. Your workshop offer is further reinforcement of my impression. But hey, whatever blows your skirt up.

64. J.D. - July 22, 2018

@ 60. vaillantguru

Congrats on your new cult!

65. Insider - July 22, 2018

62, 63.

I also don’t know Ale, so the following may or may not pertain to him. In general, I don’t trust anyone who feels the need to label or define themselves. Self-definitions include Teacher, Man # 5, 6, 7, etc., Conscious Being, Spiritual Guide, Enlightened, and so on. Other warning signs are “teachers” who actively look for “students,” and/or charge for their “spiritual services” (rather than allowing the students to offer a payment). But basically, if a teacher’s “Being” or “Being-ness” is not sufficient proof of who/what they are or have become, then all the self-descriptions are actually proof to the contrary.

66. Associated Press - July 23, 2018

A potential problem encountered with any fishing expedition is landing up sh!t’s creek without a paddle. Good luck!

67. Golden Veil - July 23, 2018

Somewhat like ton2u relates in post 62 above, I was initially impressed and even touched by Ale Gicqueau’s blog post. How congruent the family dynamic he describes (see his website blog post July 20, 2018 – by clicking on the link in post 60), probably is to other students and former students in the Fellowship of Friends… His theories regarding attachment (that is the failure of it) to ones parents and the subsequent co-dependent attraction to a “guru.” I personally related somewhat, although in my case I did not have the extremes of divorce, abandonment, and subsequent attachment to a guru. But I definitely formed an attachment to my Center directors and fellow students. I read Ale’s story first and then after, the comments regarding it in posts 62 – 65 above. “Fishing”, I wondered, what exactly do these comments mean? By following the links on the Vaillant (Ale) Gicqueau blog, it did not appear to me that he had set himself up as a teacher or guru. But it does appear that he is now married to one, and I feel concern for him. It appears that he has not escaped the co-dependent dynamic he described and is now complicit in his support and enabling of a new one.

Ale wrote this about the Fellowship of Friends on his blog:

“I was developing deeper connections with people and my life became full of new exciting experiences and adventures.”

Ale, if you see this post, I wonder if you may have transferred your attachment from what you describe as a narcissistic homosexual spiritual leader to a heterosexual one, your wife, Teal Swan?


68. Golden Veil - July 23, 2018

Okay, I take that back. I do see links to Ale Gicqueau’s own workshops on his website, like the upcoming Love & Intimacy Workshop, October 26-28, $999-$1599. He reputedly did marry Teal Swan in 2016 though, and is (or was) her third husband. I do not know if they are still married.


Here is more on Teal Swan:

View at Medium.com

69. Mick - July 23, 2018

On a positive note however, with marketing like that (#68) there’s very little chance that innocent people will be duped.

70. ton2u - July 23, 2018

Thanks to Golden Veil for doing the extra research – it confirms (for me) my “gut reaction” when perusing the links connected to the post above @ 60… an attempt at chumming the water here.

71. Insider - July 24, 2018

Teal Swan & Robert Burton: two psychopathic liars. Once they start, they can’t stop. And they don’t want to stop, because it feels so good. It feels good to re-create yourself by lying about the past. It also feels good to fool people, to feel the power of being able to make people believe a total fabricated lie. Then there comes a point when the lie becomes reality, when they have told it so often, they no longer are aware of telling a lie, when they don’t have to worry about their body language and facial expressions giving them away.

At this point, Burton no doubt fully believes that he beat in tennis one of the best “junior” players if CA; that he was the only student in Horn’s group humble enough to sweep the floor after every meeting; that Horn suddenly left him with no teacher and no school; that he was celibate for the first 10 years after starting the Fellowship; that he rapidly moved through the “numbers of Man,” 5, 6, 7, 8, and beyond; that he is the highest being on Earth, and the highest in at least 2000 years; that the “absolute” visits him periodically; and finally (the latest in circulation) that he and the absolute crystallized at the same time.

72. Mick - July 26, 2018

“As all con men know, the easiest people to cheat are those who are interested in becoming rich themselves.”

73. Insider - July 27, 2018

Some of you may know of the “Q-Anon” phenomena/movement/cult. (I am not a member.) It relies on someone or some group dropping “hints” about something going on, or about to happen, in the highest circles of government and power, which are then “decoded” by certain “experts.” The following is one example out of scores (hundreds?). For some reason, I could not help thinking about Robert Burton and his “decoding of omens,” one of the pillars of his “teaching” for nearly 50 years.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In early July 2018, known as Q1675, Q posted a close-up photo of the back of an iPhone, with a reflection of a light on it and a bit of some kind of cloth along the edge. It was rotated so that the image was not immediately recognizable.

It became known that the image was of an iPhone, when the ghostly logo was spotted beneath the shiny glass surface.

Further analysis determined that the light was a lamp in the US president’s office on board Air Force One (see links for details on how this became apparent). The phone is said to be Trump’s infamous Twitter phone.

It was also noticed that the bit of material along the edge was Trump’s coat draped over the back of the chair. The lamp was one seen in photos of the office (it’s an airplane, so everything is nailed down and never moves). Later, a mug holder was spotted in front of the lamp that was “out of place”. This cued (yes) the Q-vians that something was up with the mug holder.

Moving ahead, the mug holder came to be associated with Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of the Saudi royals, who was interviewed by al-Jazeera during his imprisonment after the Las Vegas coup attempt on 1 October 2017. In the interview, there is a segment that makes a rather big deal of him making a cup of coffee in the hotel suite that was his cell, and it set prominently in front of him during part of the interview and had an image on the mug.

All of this was interpreted to mean that he was being held hostage without cause (mugged), and the image was associated with a number of other concepts. Eventually, an entire story was woven around the single image in Q’s post that had multiple layers of meanings and broadcast “secret” knowledge to those “in the know”.

74. Bryan Reynolds - July 30, 2018

I listened to a radio program about conspiracy theories recently.

The program related that conspiracy theories are based on some factual information. Take UFO’s. Are there strange lights in the sky sometimes? Yes. Conspiracy theory blows it out of proportion to say we are being over-run by aliens.
Another example. Could the moon landing have been faked in the Nevada desert? Yes. Do the numbers 44 appear on license plates sometimes? Yes.

Below is a portion of an article that makes several good points.

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? This is what the research suggests

By Elizabeth Svoboda | Washington Post
PUBLISHED: July 20, 2018 at 10:04 am | UPDATED: July 20, 2018 at 10:05 am

While people’s attraction to conspiracy theories might seem illogical, it stems from a very logical desire to make sense of the world. Assigning meaning to what happens has helped humans to thrive as a species, and conspiracy theories are internally cohesive stories that “help us to understand the unknown whenever things happen that are fearful or unexpected,” said Jan-Willem van Prooijen, a social psychologist at Vrije University in Amsterdam. For some believers, the sense of comfort and clarity such stories bring can override the question of their truth value.

Conspiracy theorists often have a high degree of tolerance for contradiction that allows them to ignore evidence against their theories. In one study at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, people who said Osama bin Laden had died before the U.S. raid on his compound were also more inclined to say he was still alive. The stories might have clashed, but both versions denied the Obama administration’s report that bin Laden had been killed during the raid.

Conspiracy theories also supply a seductive ego boost. Believers often consider themselves part of a select in-group that – unlike the deluded masses – has figured out what’s really going on. In a study at Johannes Gutenberg University in Germany, belief in conspiracy theories was stronger among people who said they wanted to stand out from the crowd. People with a high “conspiracy mentality” also expressed more belief in a conspiracy theory when they were told a minority of survey-takers believed it, as opposed to a majority.

Rejection and hardship can intensify people’s need to believe a story that empowers them or justifies their situation, whether the story is true. People who are dissatisfied with the state of the world – such as the unemployed or those who support extreme ideologies – are highly vulnerable to conspiracy theories, van Prooijen said: “If people are satisfied, they are less likely to pursue this sort of theory.”


75. Associated Press - August 4, 2018

Thank you fofblogmoderator.

76. crossroads - August 6, 2018

Robert enslaves those who want to be enslaved.
Life in the FoF is fun! The Teacher always enjoyed being a “producer” – like those in Hollywood or Broadway… whatever.
Life “outside” is boring, arid, constrained, super tuff, etc
The FoF bubble is an ok alternative for the other “factory of suffering” that you encounter flowing in the river of life, But then, for how long… or how short? Robert seem to put on “leave” those that are no more interested on him or his “productions”, maybe because they finally got ready to escape?

Weird school of the “Quintessential Cunt”
But, Bruce, how come you use the word cunt so much?
Just curious

77. brucelevy - August 6, 2018

76. crossroads

More in the UK use of it, rather then the American anatomical use. It perfectly describes certain types. Like when Trump went to the UK recently
and they were chanting in the streets “How come you’re such a cunt?”

78. crossroads - August 6, 2018

deleted at the request of the poster

79. Insider - August 7, 2018

The cult of the Fellowship of Friends, led by Robert Earl Burton, has entered a particularly sick phase, as if anything could be worse than what has been described on this forum, and numerous others, during the past 10-15 years.

Two older heterosexual men, one married, have been released from the group (excommunicated) for refusing to have sex with Burton. ALL men, single or married, younger or older, regardless of sexual preference, are on notice that they might be next. Burton will not tolerate ANY man saying “NO” to his desires.

How long can the current members keep “buffering” by mouthing the ancient party line that this is what “the gods” wish Burton to be doing?

As if there was any doubt, the notion of the Fellowship being any sort of a 4th way school, or engaged in any sort of “spiritual work,” has been shattered once and for all.

Hypnotized puppets following and supporting a sick, self-centered psychopath.


80. crossroads - August 7, 2018

Tthen they will all have their desire to be fucked fulfilled!

81. Golden Veil - August 9, 2018

79. Insider – August 7, 2018

“Two older heterosexual men, one married, have been released from the group (excommunicated) for refusing to have sex with Burton. ALL men, single or married, younger or older, regardless of sexual preference, are on notice that they might be next. Burton will not tolerate ANY man saying “NO” to his desires.?

Crikey, I don’t believe this. These two members must have questioned the old geezer’s metaphysical influence C interpretation of animal poop or a car license plate, or something. Isn’t REB an elderly man with a heart condition?!

82. Insider - August 9, 2018

81. Golden Veil

You’re probably right. Since Dorian’s meeting a couple years ago when he predicted/announced that the intellect would no longer be needed in the “new phase” of the FF, which was to begin soon, Burton has been on somewhat of a rampage getting rid of people he deems to be unfaithful. People who don’t go to enough meetings. People who don’t believe Burton is the highest being on the planet, now and over the past 2000 years. People who find it less than credible that the universe himself (Mr. Absolute) likes to visit Burton at Apollo, especially when Burton’s dogs are pooping in the garden.

And now for the latest that’s going around (watch out all you doubting followers!): that The Absolute and Burton “crystallized” together, which sort of makes them like twin Absolutes, or parallel universes. (Seriously; no way to make this stuff up.)

No questioning. No pondering. No comparing. No seeing contradictions. No doubting. No thinking.

Just keep repeating: Blind belief is intelligence. Forced sex is love. Sleep is awakening.

83. brucelevy - August 9, 2018

82. Insider

Wow. This is one sick conglomeration of fucking morons. And hey, you old timers…you’re part and parcel of it. And when the old queen kicks it you’re going to be up shit’s creek. Better start preparing to enter real life. Unless you’re looking forward to crawling up Dorian’s narcissistic ass. But then you’re used to demeaning yourselves.

84. Bryan Reynolds - August 17, 2018

Recent blog post with reference to Fellowship of Friends

Those Who Poison The Fourth Way Well

85. Associated Press - August 23, 2018

A California cult unwittingly created one of the country’s great wineries — and then lost it. The haunting story of a vineyard’s rise, collapse and refusal to die.
By Esther Mobley, The San Francisco Chronicle’s wine critic, Aug. 23, 2018:

86. ton2u - August 24, 2018

85 AP
Thanks for the article!

87. Linda Jo - August 30, 2018
88. Pyewacket - August 31, 2018

AP@85. That’s an excellent, but somewhat depressing, warts and all article by Esther Mobley, so thanks for that. It was interesting to read that membership has now shrunk to barely 600 souls, and it appears that the big contributors to the FoF finances left some time ago.

89. Insider - August 31, 2018

88. Pyewacket.

That was misstated in the article. Total membership is around 1500. Maybe what Gideon really said was that the FF population around Oregon House is 500 to 600.

90. Pyewacket - September 2, 2018

Thanks for that correction Insider. I guess the remaining 1000 or so “Students” then are attached to the global network of Teaching houses.

91. Steve Suh - September 2, 2018
92. Steve Suh - September 2, 2018

I didn’t know who Joyce Green was until I stumbled upon this article on Ram Dass. https://www.nytimes.com/1977/12/04/archives/confessions-of-an-american-guru-ram-dass.html

It’s interesting as I had been reading his books and listening to his podcasts the last few years and I did learn some useful things. The conclusion of the article for those who don’t have time to read the whole thing:

“It has been an outstanding mark of our recent cultural’ history that we give great power to people who consistently refuse to accept responsibility for their behavior, people who will lie blatantly and then detach themselves from any sense of personal guilt -people, in short, whose symptoms are close to, if not outright, psychopathic. I sometimes think that the inability or unwillingness to distinguish psychopathic behavior is indigenous to being American: We actually choose not to see. We keep voting for these guys, and taking their classes, and buying their books. We keep forgiving and forgetting, trying to be “fair,” as if the capacity to deceive and be deceived by others were somehow testimony to our innocence, our monumental good

‘ It was so easy, under those clear skies that rise above Martha’s Vineyard, for me to think: Isn’t Ram Dass just a nice fellow who, like so many of us, has gotten confused along the way? He looks like a’ nice guy. He sounds like a nice guy. He is not really what one would call malevolent.

We do not give up these heroes easily. I have noticed that they can rise and fall and rise again, arrogance increasing exponentially with each new fall from grace. It is we, the bereft crusaders of the 20th century, who extend our grace . I indefinitely. Far better to have tainted heroes than none at all. Far better to be led astray than to have to grow up and find out that we’re all alone. III”

93. knoti - September 8, 2018

Warning to Prospective and Current Members of FOF.

Robert Burton has no interest in helping anybody to do anything, except himself.

He is 100% selfish and very persuasive.

I understood this only after being with him off-stage a lot when his guard was down.

94. TagAngel145 - September 9, 2018

As a ‘visitor’ who comes upon this site, I would not tend to dwell upon the psychopathic goings-on of your False Prophet, Mr Robert Burton, but would devise and explain ways in which self-extrication can take place. Burton will not change, nor will his ‘inner-circle-chain’ but individuals can awaken from their almost self-imposed hell and realise the great help that is available to cult leavers with however long it takes for ones psychology to restabilize in normality.

95. TagAngel145 - September 12, 2018

Perhaps a little explanation about Narcissistic Personality Disorder…

1) The person cannot bear to be alone.
2) Self-referential comments exude from them uncontrollably.
3) They only surround themselves with people who will further feed the disorder.

It has been obvious to the American Mental Health Council that Donald Trump exhibits this disorder and can be easliy seen doing so in the media.

To escape from Burton, you must first see that you, as a paying member of this cult, however removed from the leader, are paying for the whole machinery of REB and his henchmen/women.


96. Blevy1xxp# - September 12, 2018

92. Steve Suh

I haven’t read the article yet but around 1968 or 69 I was living in Manhattan when Richard Alpert returned in the incarnation of Ram Dass. I and a few friends went to see his first meetings. I had started The Search and was surprised to see that he had a copy next to him while he was sitting on his pillow throne. He was already eyeing the pretty boys in the audience. It was pretty obvious and he made no pretense at innocence. He, like so many other “teachers”, was a predator. It’s almost a given that those who seek “to teach” have serious personality disorders. many, MANY are sociopaths and sexual predators. Those you think are not in that category simply haven’t been caught yet. Make no mistake.

97. TagAngel145 - September 13, 2018

Insight from the New York Times article (post # 92)

“Looking for a way to get up there and stay up there, maybe even without drugs (hadn’t guys like Allen Ginsberg gone looking for it?), Alpert split for India. He soon met up with a 23-year-old exhippie from Laguna Beach, Calif., who had named himself Bhagwan Dass. Bhagwan Dass had been wandering around India since he was IS and was known to all, according to Ram Dass, as “a very high guy.” He was also remarkable looking, 6 feet 7 with straggly blond hair down to his shoulders. Alpert said he took one look at Bhagwan Dass (they met in a health‐food restaurant), and decided he also Knew. Without further ado, Alpert donned a dhoti and went off with his new leader. They were looking for Bhagwan”

98. brucelevy - September 14, 2018

Don’t know why wordpress changed my user name.

99. Insider - September 14, 2018

93. knoti
Can you share any details about what Burton is like when his guard is down?

100. TagAngel145 - September 15, 2018



the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods which are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.

101. TagAngel145 - September 15, 2018




secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others.

102. TagAngel145 - September 16, 2018

“We start off with such great ambition, assuming that nothing will stand in the way of us accomplishing our goals. And in this great land of opportunity, if we study and work hard, we have an excellent chance of becoming successful. We will achieve our goals. Which could be the worst thing that will ever happen to us. Because when we achieve our goals, we often arrive at the land of contentment, and never realize that if we were to take off and fly again, we could achieve so much more. As George Bernard Shaw said, ‘There are two tragedies in life: One is not getting your heart’s desire; The other is to get it.’ It is a virtue to be content with what we have, but a vice to be content with what we are. Too many people congeal at some point in their lives. They reach a point where they don’t want to change anymore. They become content with what they have become and their belief about their potential congeals like cooking fat getting cold in the bottom of a frying pan. A human mind is a terrible thing to waste. It’s even more tragic when the mind is one that was successful in the past but is now congealing in contentment.” — Roger Dawson

103. John Harmer - September 16, 2018

#102 I think I could live with “congealing in contentment”

104. Nevasayneva - September 17, 2018

sorry just had to do this after #102:

solidify or coagulate, especially by cooling.
“the blood had congealed into blobs”
synonyms: coagulate, clot, thicken, jell, cake, set, curdle
“the gravy is starting to congeal”
take shape or coalesce, especially to form a satisfying whole.
“the ballet failed to congeal as a single oeuvre”

105. Linda Jo - September 24, 2018
106. WonderingWhosWatching - September 26, 2018

162/48. Wouldnt You Like To Know – July 2, 2018 said:
“Is Robert Earl Burton, and the Fellowship of Friends, planning something special for its members about the time of this anniversary? What could it be? Have you drunk the Kool-Aid yet?”

From ABC:
“On Nov. 18, 1978, one of the biggest American mass deaths took place in Jonestown, Guyana at the Peoples Temple compound. Following the orders of their leader, Rev. Jim Jones, over 900 members of the cult, including children, died, most by ingesting a cyanide-laced drink.

Looking back at the Jonestown tragedy
WARNING: The following contains graphic content not suitable for some viewers, viewer discretion is advised.
Watch “Truth and Lies: Jonestown – Paradise Lost” on Friday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.”:
More at:

107. WonderingWhosWatching - September 26, 2018

“Truth and Lies: Jonestown Paradise Lost airs Friday night at 8/7c on ABC
40 years after the largest mass suicide in American history- New Details – New Interviews with family & survivors – Truth and Lies: Jonestown Paradise Lost – airs Friday night at 8/7c on ABC”
More at:
Truth and Lies: Jonestown – Paradise Lost one minute trailer:

108. WonderingWhosWatching - September 26, 2018

“Sept. 18, 2018
Seventh Installment of the No. 1-Rated ‘Truth and Lies’ Series Features New Interviews
With Jim Jones’ Two Surviving Sons and Former Members
‘Truth and Lies: Jonestown, Paradise Lost’ Airs Friday, Sept. 28 (8:00 – 10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC”

“ABC News presents a documentary on the 40th anniversary of the largest murder-suicide in American history when over 900 members of the Peoples Temple, living in what was known as the Jonestown settlement in Guyana, consumed a deadly cyanide-laced drink on the orders of leader Jim Jones. The special documents the tragedy through the lens of Jones’ two surviving sons, Jim Jones Jr. and Stephan Jones, featuring new interviews in which they open up about their father, regrets and forgiveness. By piecing together rare video, audiotapes and FBI documents – declassified in just the past decade – diaries and letters from those who died in the murder-suicide, and archival footage, ABC News explores the lingering questions about Jones, his religious and social justice movement, and the horrific events that unfolded on Nov. 18, 1978. “Truth and Lies: Jonestown, Paradise Lost” airs Friday, Sept. 28 (8:00–10:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC.”
More at:

109. WonderingWhosWatching - September 26, 2018
110. Golden Veil - September 28, 2018

106. – 109. WonderWhosWatching

Ok, ok, ok, ok – thank you!

Like REB, Jim Jones was probably on the narcissist / sociopath spectrum. He also had a delusional savior complex. Reading the Sept. 10th post on the REB blog:


I learned about the current Fellowship of Friends thrice weekly meeting / teaching style. To me, its substance appears to be designed to reinforce the allegiance of the faithful through “omens pointing to the next disaster” (read imminent collapse of Civilization) and in doing so, also identify for excommunication the questioners of REB and his authority-by-fear.

It’s probably the instillment of fear in cult followers (or citizens of a country) that increase their vulnerability to the illogical, the likelihood of their adherence to outlandish ideas or suggestions to take immoral actions. If various events and conditions converge, would the Fellowship of Friends members ever go as far as the point of killing themselves or murdering others like the followers of the Jim Jones, Heaven’s Gate and Manson Family cults? Who would have guessed that the people in those three cults would ever take such outrageously bizarre, violent no-going-back actions?

111. knoti - September 29, 2018

Down Time with Robert

Travel with Robert was purely a moving instinctive experience. We would often be in a rush but spent many an hour resting in various Starbucks. We would eat in sports bars and Denny’s. Very often there was a TV blaring at dinner. There was never any elevated or emotional discussion. Robert would often ask Sasha about how much we owed each student and how little we could get away with paying them back. “Try to pay them back with an art object.” How much could we borrow? Robert would talk about his health problems but not allow me to comment on them. For example he had severe shoulder pain and he would move his arm from the elbow to try to alleviate the pain. I tried to explain that he must raise his elbow to use his shoulder muscles but he could not understand even this and he shut me down.
He often spoke about changing the meeting time at the last minute in the most off hand and cavalier way as if he enjoyed the fact that he was so important and powerful that compared to his whims the inconvenience to 150 people meant nothing.

There was no teaching but he did speak of the lower self when he wanted to control someone. He demanded that we massage his shoulder for so long and so hard that it was quite unpleasant. Still it did seem like an honor to be with him in this special way. He gave us cookies and frozen yogurt and showed tremendous valuation for these things. Once I felt quite humiliated when he fed me a spoonful of yogurt like a baby in a coffee shop.

Conversation was often about where to find the best weather or the cost of various hotels along the way. Nobody could ever introduce a topic that was not a direct repetition of something Robert had previously talked about. We often stopped at a store where Robert could spend hours shopping for a $200 shirt or tennis shoes. There were also many long hours spent shopping for “art” and antiques. His home is filled with art objects to the point that there is not room for another object. He is clearly hording art as opposed to appreciating art. I find that he has no taste in art. These objects are merely symbols of his assumed elevated status.

We spent long hours in coffee shops and made short visits to museums. There was often a visit to one good hotel but we would often arrive late and leave early. In a rush. To his credit he spends a lot of time at a truly nice garden coffee shop in Palm Springs, but it might be about rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous.

Robert spends much of his free time watching Americas Funniest Videos, which is primarily about people getting hurt or looking foolish, or watching football. There is never any kind of elevated or emotion talk. Intimate contact with Robert does not include the right to speak without being spoken to. More than once I was put in my place with a reference to the lower self when I tried to address Robert. Once I tried to address him and he told me that he was too excited by the dinner he had just come from to be able to listen to me. Eventually it appeared to me that he was not able to understand even simple concepts and he did not want to seem out of control or stupid even among his servants.

I remember well the shock I experienced at different moments of disillusionment. The first time was when someone told me that Robert eats breakfast at Denny’. At the time I thought that the he must be doing it to deliver some message. Another disillusionment that I remember was Robert choosing an extremely noisy sports bar for a dinner before a ballet. I was sure that it was not his nature that made him choose it but something else. Eventually after many very consistent repetitions of this experience I came to see that this was his nature and preference. There is a King of Hearts playing card in the top drawer of his bathroom dresser. I saw it once and he quickly hid it from my view. It seemed that it was there to remind him of how he is supposed act.

In my opinion Robert is instinctively centered and not Gold alchemy.

As requested one account of being with Robert when his guard is down.

112. Insider - September 29, 2018

111. knoti
Thank you very much for sharing all of this. Super information and insights.

113. Golden Veil - September 30, 2018

You knoti boy, what a story. Ha,ha, ha… hilarious!

114. ton2u - September 30, 2018

112 GV re: “knoti boy” story: (thanks knoti)

I think it a sad story… sad that for so many years, so many (seemingly) well meaning but naive people have been – and continue to be – duped by this charlatan…

“Seekers are often unable to discriminate between real and false
spiritual teachers because of psychological factors such as projection and wish-fulfillment and a lack of clarity of their true motive in approaching a supposed spiritual guide:

A teacher who takes himself or herself as a teacher needs those who take themselves as disciples.”

115. Tim Campion - October 1, 2018

I am very worried!

With Higher Forces indicating to Robert Earl Burton that California may fall into the Pacific Ocean just three weeks from now (October 21st), isn’t it the CIVIC DUTY of Robert Burton, Greg Holman, Ethan Harris, Rowena Taylor, Dorian Matei, Nicholas Spaulding, and others to spread the alarm, to advise local authorities, the California Office of Emergency Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency?

Will the Fellowship of Friends, who proclaim themselves “good neighbors,” secretly plan for a catastrophe, the likes of which haven’t been witnessed since the days of Noah, while keeping their friends and neighbors in the dark?

Has Yuba County Supervisor Randy Fletcher been quietly alerted so that he and his loved ones can shelter at Apollo along with Fellowship members arriving from around the globe?

And where is The Press? The Appeal Democrat, Sacramento Bee, and others should be all over this breaking story!

116. Insider - October 6, 2018

An apocalypse update:

Only 2 weeks to go before yet another “fall of California.” The big day is Sunday, Oct 21, early in the morning. Burton is predicting that the ocean will rise 800-900 feet, to about the level of nearby Loma Rica. Everything above that level will survive.

150 FF members from distant centers (especially Russia, Mexico and The Netherlands) will be visiting Apollo at that time, joining the 500+ already living in Oregon House.

Burton is taking full financial advantage of the fear he himself has created by having 4 meetings per week (but soon to be 6 or 7), plus another 8 “teaching” events. If nothing else, the flock will be thoroughly fleeced by the time they return home on Oct 22.

117. brucelevy - October 6, 2018

116. Insider

In the words of Donald Trump Jr. “I love it.”

118. John Harmer - October 6, 2018

#116 Maybe C influence were trying to make his prophetic statements come true, but cocked it up and went early and hit Indonesia by mistake. It’s so difficult to get accurate C influence these days.

119. Associated Press - October 7, 2018

In the words of Donald J. Trump, “It’s going to be huuuuuuge.”

120. Pyewacket - October 9, 2018

#116 Insider. Given the current antipathy and antagonism directed towards Russia/Putin and Mexico by the US Govt, (election meddling, hacking, immigration, the border wall etc). Should such a calamitous disaster occur on the 21st, as the inundation of California by the rising Ocean, it might not be such a good idea for any Russians or Mexicans to be found at the scene, witnessing the event first hand, so to speak and also having any prior knowledge of the unfolding event. They may well be in the firing line of the blame game. Of course, in mitigation they could always rely on the defence of “it was Higher Forces what done it guv, nothing to do with us”.

121. Insider - October 10, 2018

At a recent meeting, Robert spoke at some length about a letter that appeared on the bulletin board at the post office. He seemed quite disturbed by this act of treason. Apparently the letter alerted the larger community to the Oct 21 “fall of California.” He thinks it was a lady, a FF member, who “needs to be in the kings more.”

Here are some highlights of Burton’s rant (parenthetical comments are mine):

“They (non-members) don’t care about the prediction.”

“If it happens (the “fall”), they’ll probably want to get away as soon as they can, because they want a normal life style, get back to electricity and cities.” (Is Burton projecting here?)

“There will be an exodus, probably. Who would want to stay here? You could hardly get in and out of the place.” (Some members were shocked at these words. It sounds like Burton would be the first to leave.)

“There’s no harm, except it’s not a person’s job to do this (share the prediction with the community). It’s for the teacher or the Board, and you don’t want too many chiefs and not enough injuns (sic). If you multiply that times everyone in the room, it’s chaos.”

“Some people just can’t keep a secret. They just got to yack.”

“We are not together with unconscious citizens in Oregon House. We are NOT (emphasized) in this all together. We’re with angels and conscious beings (as he waves his arm and acknowledges everyone in the room).”

122. fofblogmoderator - October 10, 2018

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