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Fellowship Of Friends/Fourth Way School/Living Presence Discussion – Page 179 July 30, 2019

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Welcome to the newest page of the Fellowship of Friends/Living Presence Discussion.

Here, you can share your thoughts, your stories, your own experiences as a former member of the FOF.  If you are considering becoming a member, you are invited to read the discussion to better know the organization you are considering joining; we welcome your questions. Participants in the discussion may post under their own name, or anonymously.

The first comment of all new participants will be moderated before they can start communicating in real-time.  You will need to register with a valid email address and be able to reply to the welcome/verification email you will receive. If you are new to the discussion, your comment will appear within a day after it has been submitted; any subsequent comments will appear instantaneously.

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1. WhaleRider - July 30, 2019

Cult Survivor:
IMO, “feminine dominance” is not a thing. I strongly reject the concept. It’s a made up meme, a burtonism underscoring his misogyny and antisocial personality.

Make no mistake. “Resisting feminine dominance” is a big part of the FOF indoctrination…and sociopathy is a learned behavior. Let that sink in.

Let’s be honest, when has anyone in the FOF ever
spontaneously acted with so-called, “external consideration” toward a life person who wasn’t a possible recruit or a ballet dancer? Not if they was nothing to be gained.

You also fail to understand the racist agenda of those whom portray themselves as “anti-politically correct” in America, and, in defense of your ego, you seem content to align yourself with trump, the KKK, and his basket of deplorables. Good luck with that.

Now if somebody calls me an asshole, it’s probably because they feel I’m acting like one. Like you, they are entitled to their opinion. I’m not likely to take that personally.

That’s a far cry from labeling a person based upon a mental illness from which they might be suffering. Diagnoses are intended as a clinical means of describing a set of behaviors, not for placing people in categories.

If you could grasp for one second the stigma that a person with a mental illness carries, then you’d understand how hurtful is it is to be labeled in such a way, even if they seem fine with it on the surface.

That’s what it means to empathize with another and perceive their pain. In doing so, you might refrain from calling them names.

Morality, on the other hand, has more to do with governing the actions a person takes in relation to others, IMO.

And it seems to me that the strong have a moral obligation to help the weak instead of exploit, enslave, or denigrate them, like in a cult such as the FOF.

2. Cult Survivor - July 30, 2019

1. WhaleRider

Very well said.

Now let’s go back to our aim: expose the destructive cult called the Fellowship of Friends and its psychopath leader, Robert Earl Burton.

3. journalist - July 30, 2019

Hello. I am the journalist who has been mentioned in previous posts. It came to my attention that I have been referenced on this blog. I wanted to take the opportunity to speak for myself as there are some inaccurate statements about me. For starters, it seems people are overestimating the access I have had.

I am attempting to make a great effort to understand the Fellowship and its history. I aim to be as objective and neutral as possible. I come with no agenda and no preconceived notions.

I am not muckraking and I am not digging for dirt or criminal activity. I am not a spy, and I am not an agent for the Fellowship. I have no mission beyond understanding the community and being factually accurate. I think that anyone hoping for an exposé may be disappointed.

I am happy to speak to anyone who wants to share their experience. I think everyone who has been or who is currently involved in the community has a valid and important perspective that is worth sharing, if they choose to do so.

It seems that a lot of people believe the Fellowship has brought value to their lives. I also know that many people have had bad experiences. There’s a lot of nuance and complexity within this community that has had thousands of members over the course of many years.

Former and current members have reached out to me to talk. I’ve spoken to many people and I hope to speak to many more. If you would like to connect with me, or if you have any questions, please reach out.

4. fofblogmoderator - July 30, 2019

Post #3 is is a new contributor. He has given me permission to post his email address and can be contacted at; journoj@protonmail.com.

5. ton2u - July 31, 2019


Thank you WhaleRider!

6. Nancy Gilbert - July 31, 2019

1. WhaleRider

“you seem content to align yourself with trump, the KKK, and his basket of deplorables.”

‘basket of deplorables’ is a rascist meme also, Whalerider. This term is referencing the mostly poorer, white, working class (or wishing they were working for living) folks who support a certain unsavory President. This label is certainly just as damaging, inflammatory, and lacking in compassion as ‘feminine dominance’, IMO.

7. WhaleRider - July 31, 2019

Nancy Gilbert:
Thanks for the feedback. I may be wrong, but I don’t believe the population you mentioned was to whom Hilary was referring when she used that phrase.

In my mind, I was referring to his corrupt administration. If the phrase somehow offended you, I apologize.

8. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019


Thank you Nancy!

9. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019
10. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

Just for clarification, I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump and never will be. I participated of the Women’s March against Trump at the Capitol in Sacramento in January of 2017 and I’m an active member of the #Resist movement.

11. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

3. journalist

Thank you for your efforts to reveal the truth in a impartial manner. That’s what true journalism is all about.

12. ken - July 31, 2019

i was a member in 1983 for about 6 mos. lived for a month or two in a house in portland oregon with other members. beautiful home in the west hills-i was told it once housed japanese diplomats. center directors name was i believe charles brooks (name assigned by reb). only name i remember after all these years. i visited renaissance once. when asked about what kind of work i wanted to do i chose to be a dishwasher in the center cafeteria. everybody else was keen to work in vineyards. i never met reb. if i had chose the vineyards i think i would have met reb. i was interested in “the work” and never gave the founder reb much thought at the time. when i left i told charles i disagreed with a statement from in search of the m. g said evolution was impossible if one was homosexual. at the time i disagreed. now im not so sure. ive had bisexual experiences and dont condemn it per se. but reb is beyond the pale. charles replied something to the effect

13. WhaleRider - July 31, 2019

“The Republican vice-presidential nominee said: “The men and women who support Donald Trump’s campaign are hardworking Americans … Hillary, they are not a basket of anything. They are Americans, and they deserve your respect.”

So who made this phrase a racist meme?

According to the above article Hillary only regretted saying “half” of all trump’s supporters held deplorable “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, (and) islamapobic” viewpoints. That certainly is debatable.

That being said, maybe women here, Nancy or Artemis44, would like to comment on which terms they prefer, “morality/ethics” or “feminine dominance”?

14. ken - July 31, 2019

to continue-that some people in the fof were homo-he didnt mention names. i dont remember the address of the home in the west foothills. it wasnt far from the japanese rose garden. does anyone know if the house is still there? its only in the last 5 yrs or so that i learned how many were assaulted by reb. hes probably not long for this world and it will be interesting to see what happens when he dies. all in all i enjoyed my exp. w fof. some of the people were very genuine. not many attractive young girls though. another reason i believe why i left. thankyou

15. Artemis44 - July 31, 2019

12. WhaleRider

I personally prefer ‘social programming’.

16. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

14. ken

Welcome to the family, Ken. And also thank you for being so honest sharing your experience in the FOF.

,,,not many attractive young girls though. another reason i believe why i left
That was before the Russian girls (and boys) started to arrive — then the whole picture changed.

17. John Harmer - July 31, 2019

#3 I took journalist up on his offer to reach out to him/her regarding our experiences in the FoF, including a link to an interview I conducted over the phone concerning Burton’s claims to be in touch with higher forces.

Dear Journalist,
I read your post on the wordpress FoF blog, and you gave this address for people to reach out to you. I was a student of the FoF from 1978 to 1989. I joined the group as I had previously become a follower of the books of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and wanted to find a conscious school that could help me become more aware and complete. For most of the time I spent in the school I was happy with the situation. I was not in close contact with Burton called Robert or the teacher by students. I met him a few times, and he had a kind of spooky charisma. But in 1989 a student who had been a member since the early days traveled through the London centre where I was living, and spoke about how he had been trapped in an abusive and unwanted sexual relationship with Burton for many years in the 1970s. This caused me to question more of the teachings. The particular element I found most troubling was Burton’s claim to be in touch with disembodied spirits he called angels, who were associated with prominent cultural figures from the history of mankind. He claimed they were controlling life on earth and the lives of his students in the minutest detail. This is an extraordinary claim, and I came to see that the most likely explanation was that Burton was deluding himself. The method he used resembled the psychiatric condition called “ideas of reference”, where the subject mistakenly concludes that all coincidental events are a message to them about their high destiny. This coupled with his abusive use of sex led to me leaving the school in November 1989. Before I left I phoned him to confront him both about his sexual proclivities, and his use of Influence C to derive his predictions and rules. The earlier section of the call was lost in noise as I was using a primitive method to record the call, but the part where I asked how he could be sure the messages really are from higher forces is audible. I include a link to that recording which you can use in any way you wish.

Hope your article is able to shed light on a dark corner of the cult world,


18. brucelevy - July 31, 2019

13. WhaleRider

I’m sorry, I disagree. Calling racist white trash racist white trash is calling out the truth. Hillary couldn’t use that term but that’s who they are and have proven that they are . Fuck them.

19. brucelevy - July 31, 2019

17. John Harmer

Just his voice makes me gag. He’s a disease.

20. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

18. brucelevy

Even if I’m not a Trump supporter (on the contrary, as I mentioned before), I have friend that is and I am sure he would be very upset if somebody calls him a “white trash racist” (he is actually originally from Sri Lanka, so his skin is quite dark). It seems you are quite free of “political correctness” but under the effect of what we used to call “formatory thinking” (either you are against Trump or you are a “white trash racist”). That being said, if you are just trying to attract attention with your expletives and extreme opinions then I totally understand and please forget my comment.

17. John Harmer

I liked your letter and recording to the journalist very much — they are quite honest and free of anti-FOF jihadism. I strongly believe that’s the way to expose and fight the cult.

21. ton2u - July 31, 2019


John, I contacted the journalist to but haven’t heard back yet.


It’s obvious that cult thinking and behaviors extend beyond the confines of little garden variety cults like the FOF… take a look at trump political rallies for example. Bringing “current events”
from the political world into the discussion here may seem to some to be getting off track but there is a parallel with the cult behavior and a type of thinking that manifests in the wider world and in little cults like the FOF.

(Artemis, thanks again for drawing attention to Diekman’s work – it’s right on the mark. I’ll paraphrase a few lines below):

Cults are social organizations and can exist anywhere in society, cult behaviors and thinking are so pervasive, so ‘baked-in as to be instinctive, everyone can be considered to be part of various “invisible” cults – almost all people exhibit some form of cult behavior in their daily lives, conforming to group norms, dependence on leaders, devaluing those outside of their groups, avoiding media that does not confirm what they already believe… cult thinking is embedded in society but is usually not so all encompassing as to be thought of as a cult…

The structure of cults is basically authoritarian: obedience and hierarchical power tend to take precedence over truth and conscience…

…certain psychological benefits can make authoritarian groups very attractive – they provide the opportunity to feel protected and cared for…

…cult thinking is the effect of psychological forces endemic to the human mind, forces that operate in the everyday life of each of us, distorting perception, biasing thinking, inculcating a belief structure which includes: compliance with the group, dependence on a leader, devaluing the outsider, avoiding dissent… a regression to a childlike state in which one is cared for by a parental figure so that they can abdicate responsibility for their own wellbeing…

…a regressive wish for security uses the family as its model creating an authoritarian leadership structure (the parent) and a close-knit, exclusive group (the children). Since the leader-parent has many of the insecurities of the follower-child, reality must be distorted by both to maintain the child’s illusion (wish) that the parent can always provide protection, so that he or she has no weaknesses/vulnerability.

Dissent is stifled because it casts doubt on the perfection of the leader and the special status of the group. Group compliance preserves security by supporting the beliefs crucial to the fantasy of superiority, beliefs which also explain the powers and entitlement of the leader can not be challenged.… apostates are excommunicated.

Outsiders, non-believers are excluded and devalued for they do not believe what the group believes; if the group and leader are superior, the outsider is inferior….

At the time they joined the cult most were dissatisfied, distressed or at a transition in their lives. Typically the motivation was desire for a more spiritual life, finding community in which to live cooperatively, wanting to become more enlightened, to find meaning in life by serving others or simply to belong.

22. WhaleRider - July 31, 2019

Thank you, resisting “social programming” feels more palatable, raising issues like equal rights, gender identity, feminism, etc.

No need to apologize to me.

Just curious, have you posted here before? Usually the fofblogmoderator announces new contributors, like #3 above.

23. ken - July 31, 2019

thank you cult survivor. i now live in spokane. when i left fof i was aware one could be reinstated if past due dues were paid. that was always in the back of my mind-escape from the mechanical matrix might still be possible. then when i learned the extent of rebs crimes i looked at the whole thing with a more critical eye. learned g fathered maybe a dozen children. gs wife died young and never had children. at least g was hetero. were the women g had children with married? fritz perters speaks of cleaning gs bath and couldnt figure out what went on there-out it could be so dirty. g cultivated the way of blame. deliberately sought bad PR at times. still his influence seems to me to be on the wane. crowley one of his contemporaries seems to be on the rise. this situation seems unfortunate to me. g may have been flawed. crowley was broken. i think most are born with souls. contrary to gs thinking. there may well be a percentage though who are souless. “organic portals” i seem to have run out of thoughts. hello to all. ive been lurking this site for several years and enjoy it and hope to offer more comments.

24. Artemis44 - July 31, 2019

21. ton2u

Very good points from Dr. Diekman, thank you.

Here is an excerpt from the book ‘The Guru Papers’, from Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad, another seminal work on cult behavior:

‘Behind the masks of authoritarian power is the idea that there is some greater intelligence that knows what is best for others. What this always amounts to is that someone either claims to have that intelligence, or to have a direct line into properly interpreting it. This can occur in any realm and in differing degrees. Its most extreme forms occur when moral superiority is linked to infallibility. The image of the guru represents the epitome of this construction. Often included in this is the corollary that the authority cares more about your well-being than you do, and can do so because of being selfless. Whether or not a state of ultimate selflessness or infallibility is achievable by anyone can be debated. Then too, there is the question of how anyone could be certain someone else really is in such a state. What is clear, however, is that obeying others because they claim to be morally superior, or to have an inside track to the truth, not only breeds corruption and lies, but removes people from personal responsibility.’

25. fofblogmoderator - July 31, 2019

#22 WR-
My oversight. I think Ken is a new contributor.

26. brucelevy - July 31, 2019

20. Cult Survivor

Your comments mean very little to me so no need to forget them. White trash is white trash, regardless if there are additional POC Stepin Fetchits serving as tokens for the GOP. In that case they’re just trash.

27. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

26. brucelevy

My comments mean very little to you but you replied right away… it’s all good, I’m also an attention whore like you. By the way, they are several like us here, right Whalerider? I’ve been here for only 8 months so i still have a lot to learn from you two that have been here for 10-13 years — the problem is that I don’t think that REB and the FOF will last too long so we will have to find something else. Any suggestions?

28. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

What about helping people from other cults besides the FOF? There is a lot of knowledge in this group.


29. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Cult Survivor: (and his many names/game here)
Redeemer, Deceiver or Straight Out Pirate

30. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Artemis, Animal Hunter, (wife of Cult Survivor: “The many names”)
-Sister of Apollo…
Hey, what would be the approximate statistic on haw many are Right and how many are Left within the FOF. Right being the ones that agree with the Queen of the FOF and Left for those that don’t agree. All of them -left and right- are abused. Sex, Fear, Exploitation, Extortion…. the list is long. Come on! We all know this, suckers!

31. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Journalist, You give me the image of a coward monkey on a tree branch…”I have no mission beyond understanding the community and being factually accurate. I think that anyone hoping for an exposé may be disappointed.”

How about joining the FoF, “doing the work”, engage in many octaves, get exhausted and find your way up to indulge with Robert and fuck him up and get fucked up too, so that you get to release the fucking internal and psychological pressure you have immerse yourself into. (fuck! it’s too late. This is too good to let go!) Then go about collecting stories about this wonderful and beautiful -no doubt- community of All corrupt and many criminal people licking Robert Burton’s decrepit balls What are you good for, then? Why do you call yourself “journalist”? Can you show a picture of the professional You?

32. brucelevy - July 31, 2019

27. Cult Survivor

As far as attention whores I would simply ask you to add up the number my posts against your posts. You and your wife have pretty much glued up that niche. And may I add go fuck yourself.

33. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

32. brucelevy

I’m trying to compensate for the 10 years you’ve been posting here… Besides, you are much more concise than I am (“go fuck yourself”).

Seriously, did you consider what I said about what to do when REB and the FOF are not around? Check the link I posted.

34. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

29. crossroads

I’ll say to you what I told Insider: I see you have an “account” with me from the time we were members so I apologize if I took your table at a Galleria dinner, gave you a harsh photograph, or something like that. See, I was under the influence of the cult indoctrination (“cult mind control”), as Eric/Gaia calls it) so I was not fully aware of my actions.

Let bygones be bygones and let’s have a fresh start. Remember we were told to drop accounts.

35. Insider - July 31, 2019

32. brucelevy

Thanks, Bruce for mentioning this. Cult Survivor, including his supposed “wife” (Artemis44, although I don’t believe for a second that anyone other than CS is writing under both names) is really showing himself to be a pathological attention seeker. Negative or whatever, it doesn’t matter. He needs to occupy the entire blog, if possible.

He says he is not working for the Fellowship to derail the blog. But if Rowena herself, with all of the FF’s IT expertise, were to attempt to undermine the blog, she would not do a better job than CS/Artemis is doing now.

May he launch his new career of helping people in other cults ASAP.

36. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

31. crossroads

Journalist, You give me the image of a coward monkey on a tree branch…”I have no mission beyond understanding the community and being factually accurate. I think that anyone hoping for an exposé may be disappointed.”
It’s comments like this that scare the press and make us look like a bunch of Islamic jihadists. Oh, well.

37. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

35. Insider

He says he is not working for the Fellowship to derail the blog. But if Rowena herself, with all of the FF’s IT expertise, were to attempt to undermine the blog, she would not do a better job than CS/Artemis is doing now.
Right, that’s why I recreated the FOF article on Wikipedia, restored the FOF Local Wiki that was erased by Rowena and created a channel on YouTube with a lot of videos critical to the FOF. What will I do now that I am exposed?




38. crossroads - July 31, 2019

yeap, Straight Out Pirate!

Hey, let “Journalist” reply before you, Pirate –

you make me laugh! Table at the galleria Ha ha – you are funny – smarty pants.

Nothing like that. No personal accounts… just participating here in the blog, may I?

39. Insider - July 31, 2019

37. CS

Like I said, anything for attention.

40. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

39. Insider

I admitted that I am an attention seeker. When I was a member of the FOF I was told that I have a vanity feature. People with a vanity feature (like most of the people that have been posting here for years) have an intense life because they like to be in the spot light. Also, they tend to compete for space and get into fights with each other, mainly because they think that there is an audience watching the fight.

41. Insider - July 31, 2019

40 CS

Are you saying you did not see this trait in yourself while in the FF for 28 years, and that you are, even today, still relying on what other people pinned on you so long ago?

42. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Cult Survivor … viborita, viborita

43. Ames Gilbert - July 31, 2019

Anyone arriving here trying to find out more about Asaf Braverman and Beperiod.com might be puzzled to find so much about Robert Earl Burton and the Fellowship of Friends and so little about Braverman’s “school”. But they are intimately connected, and this is a short post to explain how.

Asaf joined the cult known as the Fellowship of Friends as a young man fresh out of the Israeli army after the mandatory conscription required of most citizens. He showed great enthusiasm and soon attracted the attention of the hierarchy, who passed him up the chain to Burton. There he became one of Burton’s favorites, continually at his side and basking in his approval for nearly twenty years. Burton told Braverman (and the other followers) that Asaf was going to ‘become conscious’, and, moreover, was going to take over when Burton retired or died. Go to robertearlburton.blogspot.com to find plenty of photos and stories over those years…

One of the most important contributions Braverman made to the mythos of the Fellowship was the co–authoring of ‘The Sequence’, an invention that became the core of the FoF ‘teaching’, and which superseded the previous mish–mash of selections from various traditions including Burton’s unique re–interpretations and ‘improvements’ on Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s so–called Fourth Way.

Years ago, in 2012, Braverman started his Beperiod.com ‘online school’, initially with Burton’s approval. However, more recently, there was a falling out and Asaf and Burton parted ways, Burton labeling him a ‘criminal’ (that somehow, he failed to recognize as such for twenty years!).

Now Braverman has a completely separate organization with its own advertising and professional–looking website.
Which brings us to today.
I guess it was inevitable that he, as he was taught by Burton, would also claim that the ancient Egyptians ran esoteric ‘schools’ that apparently must be visited to absorb the spiritual vibes that still resonate over the centuries. The latest come–on is, “INTERNATIONAL BEPERIOD GATHERING IN EGYPT 5-13 OCTOBER 2019”:
…where you can see, at the bottom of the page, Asaf and followers in some museum, looking very earnest and serious. Which is as it should be, of course, he is talking about ‘creating your soul’ (à la) Fourth Way, and that is serious business!
It takes no talent to guess that in Egypt he will interpret this hieroglyph and that funerary mask with like demeanor and projection of utter certainty for the benefit of his followers, and will make a deep impression—at the same time parting them from their dollars, just like Burton.

As you peruse Braverman’s Beperiod.com website, you will see his ‘teaching’ is based on simplistic versions of basic Fourth Way principles, but mixed with a good dose of metaphors and references to the major world religions, plus plenty of unprovable assertions, including how he supposedly came about his ‘higher knowledge’. And lots of visuals to distract you! No real harm in that, I suppose, if that is your fancy, but I want to point out that Braverman has spent the majority of his adult life (20 years) in the Fellowship of Friends, supporting and aiding and abetting Burton in all his shenanigans and crimes. Thus, Asaf cannot possibly have escaped the corruption that this page and every other page of this blog points out. This won’t show in his public persona of course, but nevertheless he is corrupted, and you will be corrupted in turn if you join his organization for any length of time. And, if you believe otherwise, may I politely suggest you are engaging in ‘magical thinking’.

The flashy Beperiod.com website puts up a good front, that is true. So does the Fellowship of Friends website, listed at the top of this page. There are professionals in both organizations who have real talent and can put out propaganda with the best. I am warning you that it is just that, propaganda. You should take every precaution to protect yourself if you approach. Better still, save yourself grief and precious time, look elsewhere.

If you want to know more about the history of Braverman’s BePeriod.com ‘school’, look back through this blog from page 159 onwards. If you want to know more about Braverman’s ‘teacher’, Robert Earl Burton, and what Braverman learned at his knee, and how he was corrupted, start on page 1 (click on ‘Animam Recro’ at the top of the blogroll. If you want the information in a more ordered and searchable way, click on ‘Robert Earl Burton blog’, just below that).

44. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Blog moderator and all participants here: I propose to discuss about the allowance of posts per page per person and I suppose, the number of words too… Would that be democratic?

45. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Ames, you align with Cult Survivor -so dearly- that makes me wonder: Did you square out a deal with him? Any kind of deal, be honest…
You came back saying: “Cult Survivor told me how things are different now, different than in my times” “Don’t shoot the messenger”.

46. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

44. crossroads

I don’t see how an imposed rule would be democratic. Besides, I don’t think it’s technically enforceable. Finally, I know the moderator doesn’t have a lot of time for this blog
At any rate, we can have an implicit rule of a maximum of 6 posts per person per day and a maximum of 300 words per post in order to limit people with vanity feature, bipolar disorder, etc.

47. brucelevy - July 31, 2019

43 Ames

“learned at his knee”. Now we know that’s not the appendage we’re actually talking about.

48. Cult Survivor - July 31, 2019

45. crossroads

There is no deal, what happened is that my wife and I had dinner with Ames and Nancy in Grass Valley not long ago and they saw our real personae, no the online ones that people see here. I’m sure that if the two of us had dinner together we would have a totally different opinion of each other. Should we do it GS?

49. crossroads - July 31, 2019

Oh CS opinionated smarty pants!

In a democracy, people discuss and come down to agreements for the good of all –

Hey, did you realized that the question is directed to Ames and not you?

Makes sense when Bruce tells you something like “you are actually quite psychopathic…”

50. Ames Gilbert - July 31, 2019

Crossroads, I make my own way. I post under my real name, and frankly don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks, whether you or Whalerider or Bruce or Insider or anyone else. Nevertheless, I will attend to and be grateful for valid criticism, and have actually been known to change my mind, including on this blog.

Nancy and I met with Cult Survivor and Artemis 44 for a dinner in Grass Valley. This was in response to the invitation announced several times on this blog. Both Nancy and I were up for an adventure, though of course we were carrying our respective Colt 1911s in our wallets, just in case—a natural precaution /s. I liked both of them, they are thoughtful, intelligent, and personable, and we had a great time. I had thought I had previously run into CS when I was in the FoF, but it turns out I was mistaken, so they were both completely new to me.

I am aware that others have had previous difficulties with CS and Artemis 44, having guessed at their identities and history. However, I’m not weighed down with that baggage, I started from scratch with a positive attitude, and there is no reason to change. I certainly don’t have to leap in to defend either of them on this blog, they are well capable of defending themselves, as you can see.

I have also met with the journalist, and he strikes me as being a decent, sincere, thoughtful human being. Before agreeing to meet him, I did due diligence, and I looked at many of the articles he has published, and I am impressed. I’m not expecting some kind of a white knight to come and put the Fellowship saga to rights, I am expecting a professional and well–told story which will provide insights and education for the general public. The huge efforts he is putting into research convince me that this is exactly what we will get.

51. Cult Survivor & Artemis44 - July 31, 2019

BBQ at our home in Sacramento on Saturday August 17th at 5 PM!

Let’s celebrate life after the cult!

Everyone is invited — RSVP at (916) 252-7429.

52. Cult Survivor & Artemis44 - July 31, 2019

BBQ at our home in Sacramento on Saturday August 17th at 5 PM!

Let’s celebrate life after the cult!

53. fofblogmoderator - August 1, 2019

OK, we’re back. It felt like a pause in the energy that was being injected in the discussion was needed.

As anyone who has been here for a while knows, I do not get involved with actually “moderating” the conversation. My main function is to start fresh post pages and to sideline contributors who break the guidlines. I certainly have let quite of few of those broken guidelines fly under the radar for no particular reason other than I don’t like to make quick impulsive decisions. I like to wait a little and see if the tone changes, which it usually does.

I don’t think the FOF discussion page needs hands-on moderating, such as adding my own comments to specific posts or interjecting when it looks like the conversation is drifting in the wrong or unintended direction. The people that post here usually make mention or call those things out.

My opinion is that we need to adhere to the guidelines as stated at the top of each post.

As far as personal attacks, I would say profanity and one-line name calling directed at anyone currently posting on the discussion would fall under that category.

Taking up space is a tricky call. Sometimes there is a legit back-and-forth. I usually have a sense of when the conversation is getting hijacked. Yesterday one of the contributors had 15 posts. i think that’s too many, even if some of them were short. I have no problem getting more involved with making those calls, but think it’s only fair for me to make mention of it here so that you all might give a little more thought to how often you post.

Finally, I got involved in this role 11 + years ago because I wanted the Blog to remain open and I was the only one who volunteered. I was an FOF member for 13 years and continue to feel that it’s important for there to be a source for people interested in joining the Fellowship Of Friends to learn about the experiences of people who have already walked that path. I can’t imagine that I would have joined the Fellowship if I had read this blog before hand. The fellowship keeps too many things hidden that take years to find out. There can be no questioning of any of Robert’s behavior because it all falls under the guise of “the lower can not understand the higher”.

I’m happy to continue and also think that it might be useful if any of you have brief ideas/suggestions on the the role of moderator, feel free to share those with me at nogugus@yahoo.com.


54. John Harmer - August 1, 2019

Thank you for moderating for all those years. For my money you make the right call to be hands off if possible, but occasionally step in to ensure insults do not obscure all other conversation.

I value this blog as entertainment. I also recognise the more serious purpose of letting prospective students know more about the reality of life in the FoF.

I particularly enjoy it when some types turn up announcing that they have become conscious beings 🙂

55. Ames Gilbert - August 1, 2019

Steve, thank you very much for moderating. Eleven years! That is quite a gift from you to us of your time and energy.
I have a question: I had thought that your contact e-mail for we bloggers was “nogurus@…”, not “nogugus@…”

John Harmer, I agree. It is a special treat. I guess now that Solartype has gone all shy on us, one of these days I will just have to mosey down the hill to Oregon House and hang out at the store. Apparently one can’t even buy a carton of milk without jogging the elbow of some conscious being, they are so thick on the ground in those parts.

Anyone have news of the upcoming The–Final–Real–Thing–I’m–Serious–Now–No–Really–Leonardo–Told–Me–And–This–Time–He–Means–It Nuclear Armageddon™ Burton predicted for later this year (as per comment on page 166, #70)?

56. WhaleRider - August 1, 2019

I encourage anyone whom feels the stated blog guidelines have been violated to contact the fofblogmoderator ASAP to intervene…before calling out or launching a personal counterattack against the offending party.

That being said, in addition to sharing information, this is a forum in which opinions and views expressed are subject to being challenged by others, preferably in a respectful manner, and to be fair, that ought to apply both to current and former FOF members equally, myself included.

I would discourage posting here if you feel you are above scrutiny or cannot tolerate an opposing viewpoint…that defensiveness is what makes a cult and the hallmark of an airtight delusional system.

57. Invictus Maneo - August 1, 2019

I don’t come here very often. For a blog supposedly trying to inform people interested in the FOF about what kind of a nuthouse it is, there sure is a lot of backbiting and arguing among the messengers. There is also a lot of tangential political commentary. I think the fighting and political stuff distracts from the main message about the nuthouse. In my experience the best way to deal with personal attacks is to ignore them. The attacker is trying to get attention. When they don’t get it they eventually move along. If the attacks continue, contact the moderator, as he requested.

58. fofblogmoderator - August 1, 2019

#55 Ames-

Oops, typo. My email is nogurus@yahoo.com

59. ton2u - August 2, 2019

Many thanks for your time moderating – the blog may be a source of amusement and entertainment for some, but it also functions as a public service – to quote you:

“I can’t imagine that I would have joined the Fellowship if I had read this blog before hand.”

I think that sentiment can apply to any FOF-curious “seeker” who might happen along here.

Thanks again!

60. Ocean Tiger - August 2, 2019

Has anyone here began the process of turning selections from this forum into a book?

61. Cult Survivor - August 2, 2019

53. fofblogmoderator

Steve, thank you for your efforts over the last 11 years. It’s not an easy job to be a moderator of an online blog, specially one that focus on a cult. Stopping the momentum was very wise. Keep up the good work!

It feels like a “reboot” of the blog after the brief pause and that always gives new insights. Based on my experience here, I would like to offer the following basic guidelines: avoid personal attacks, avoid profanity, avoid guessing or revealing the identity of people that want to remain anonymous, and avoid taking too much space (I admit I’m guilty of this one).

I do believe that this blog is working very well and is a very efficient medium for former members of the FOF to share their opinions and experiences. In the 8 months I’ve been here, I’ve seen aspects of cult indoctrination in my psychology that I was not aware before.

I also believe that this blog is essential in order to inform people about the FOF and REB. Robert Burton once said, “Influence C writes every word on the blog”, so we have a divine task to accomplish.

Like some people said, I also find amusing when a FOF member announces here that is conscious or that “the FOF has already produced 6 conscious beings”. It makes my day.

Finally, I would like to thank people for being here — there is a part in me that wants to close the FOF chapter of my life and move on but I know I need to face my inner demons and in order to go through the healing process.

62. ton2u - August 2, 2019


“Robert Burton once said, “Influence C writes every word on the blog”, so we have a divine task to accomplish.”

Seriously?! You’re joking, right?

63. Cult Survivor - August 2, 2019

62. ton2u

Believe it or not, I’m not. It was on an email sent to FOF members when people were defecting en masse in 2006.

64. crossroads - August 2, 2019

61. CS… Very funny! or, phony?

62. RB said so, CS added for us: “so we have a divine task to accomplish.”

65. Insider - August 2, 2019


I don’t know about that quote from Burton. Let’s see the date and exact wording of that email. In the meantime, here’s what Girard Haven said in an email dated March 22, 2007:

Dear Friends,

In response to some confusion among students regarding how they should respond to the “Fellowship blog,” I am writing to offer a few suggestions.

First, I would try to honestly ask myself which parts of my being are attracted to the blog and what are their motives. The higher parts associated with true personality may have a genuine interest in what is occurring within the School and what is being reported — truly or falsely — on the blog, but one must watch carefully to recognize when that need has been satisfied and a lower part of oneself has ascended. In other words, if you feel you need to read the blog, be careful.

The same applies to responding to the blog, only here the questions I would ask myself are what are my aims and what part of me do they come from; what would I hope to accomplish; who do I wish to communicate with, and to what purpose? If one posts something to the blog, no matter what its contents are, one is essentially communicating with former students, and we have a task to minimize that as much as possible. There are many reasons for this task, so before submitting something to the blog, I would ask myself what those reasons are and why I felt it was necessary to override them. Many years ago I went through the process of asking myself exactly those questions. If anyone is interested, the answers I found are recorded in the chapter on “Former Students” in the book “Creating a Soul.”

However, those are my answers, based on my verifications. Some students may find it useful to read them, but it is still necessary for each student who comes into contact with the blog to establish his own relation to it. And although I do not wish to answer those questions for anyone, I do wish to go on record as saying that frankly I now feel that I have better ways to use my time and energy.

Finally, I wish to take this opportunity to reiterate the offer that was made by Elizabeth Blake, the Isis center directors — Michael Golding, Helaine Feivelson and Carla Luccatini — and myself to listen to any concerns any student might have about any aspect of the life and teaching of the Fellowship. And I know that there are many others who would gladly make the same offer.

The goods of this world are not harmful in themselves,
but only when you let them render you forgetful, disobedient,
and unaware of the Lord.
— Ibn Arabi
In friendship,

66. Insider - August 2, 2019

And there was also this “Message from the Teacher” email dated Oct 24, 2007:

Dear Students,

Although you may have read or heard something different, all students are reminded that the exercise of not spending unnecessary time with former members has not been changed. All members are also requested to refrain from reading and participating on what is known as the “Blog” and the “greater fellowship” or similar websites.

Robert stated: “This exercise comes from Influence C. You can support Influence C and not be a denying force to Influence C.”

The Fellowship of Friends

Ibn Arabi: While you obey your Lord, oppose your lower self.

67. ton2u - August 2, 2019

CS @ 63

I think you missed my point. I believe HE said it, or emailed it or whatever…

I’m questioning what appears to be you giving credence to the delusions of old fool…

You don’t really believe this crap do you, that “c influence” writes every word here, that “we have a divine mission to accomplish…” ?!

You are joking, right?

68. crossroads - August 2, 2019

57. Invictus Maneo

”fighting and political stuff distracts from the main message about the nuthouse.”

This is the Nuthouse, here and now… wherever you are…

But I agree, The impression a visitor may get and all that.. you are right. That is why – I assume – there are marketing inserts here – that clarify and specify what all this is about…Key words and IT technology make wonders! right?
I like your name: “Invictus”
I like it much more than “Survivor”

69. Cult Survivor - August 2, 2019

67. ton2u

I was joking, of course! It seems that after 8 months here some people still don’t know me… Come to the BBQ on the the 17th if you are close to Sacramento!

70. fofblogmoderator - August 2, 2019

OK- here’s my idea of what an “active” moderator would do;

#61 CS- since you’ve piqued the curiosity of a few here with your quote from RB about C-influence controlling the blog, do you have a copy of that email or was it just “said” at a meeting or something?

#64 Crossroads, I think CS was being tongue-in-cheek when he used the word “divine”.

I don’t think this was needed from me, but just doing an experiment to see what happens. This could easily be my last post like this.

71. ton2u - August 2, 2019

Thanks for the clarification.

72. Cult Survivor - August 2, 2019

70. fofblogmoderator

I personally like “active” moderators (specially in the current phase), I suggest for you to continue intervening when you feel it’s appropriate

Regarding what REB said about C Influence and the blog, I remember clearly reading the email and thinking “that’s right, the blog exists to prune the school from people that are not real students” (of course, today I think it was damage control). I don’t have a copy of the email that was sent — may be somebody here does or remembers reading it.

73. WhaleRider - August 2, 2019

Obviously the blog works fine for some but not for others. I happen to care about others and the blog, so maybe it’s time for a change.

Sounds like Steve might be ready, too. He’s done the best he could, and I am grateful for his selfless efforts thus far.

Ok, active moderation to me means each post is moderated before posting and either it meets the guidelines or not.

It doesn’t mean attempting to direct the conversation or interpret intentions; it means somebody actively watching, there to enforce the guidelines on an as needed basis…mostly in the background.

Granted, it would slow down the pace a bit…and in turn provide more time for reflection before posting multiple posts in one day.

I’d also strongly recommend the moderator remain in the background as Steve has, and leave the commentary to others.

In case you haven’t read the guidelines lately:

At the Moderator’s discretion, excessive abuse, such as personal attacks, taking up too much space, as well as deliberate attempts to unmask people taking part in the discussion anonymously will prompt a warning. Continued abuse will result in your removal from the discussion.

Personally, I’d be more specific and discourage profanity laced personal attacks and set a limit of no more than three posts in one day.

IMO, it’s fine to point out stupid behavior, everyone makes stupid mistakes, myself included, but calling a person stupid is inappropriate and hurtful, especially in a public forum.

74. fofblogmoderator - August 2, 2019

Geez- you guys are really making me work. Looks like we didn’t get off to a good start. I deleted posts 75-85 and 72, something I’ve never done before. They added nothing to the conversation and a turn-off for new people looking at this site (IMHO).
Please send any comments about this to nogurus@yahoo.com

75. Insider - August 2, 2019

80. ton2u

Cult Survivor/Artemis44 (the same person, as is totally obvious) has been positioning himself to moderate/take over the blog from the beginning of his current incarnation here last year. That seems to be his sole purpose. Ordo ab chao. Order out of chaos. The Freemason motto. CS intentionally creates chaos, so he can come in later on his white horse to restore order.

76. Insider - August 2, 2019

Moderator: Okay, I guess you should also delete the new #75, since #80 is gone to which it refers.

77. brucelevy - August 2, 2019

75. Insider


78. brucelevy - August 2, 2019

See how easy it is to degrade a blog by two egomaniacs. We’re not too bright are we?

79. ton2u - August 3, 2019

75. Insider

Ya I suspect you’re right about the two being one… whether it’s calculated or not it does seem like “they” are trying to suck all the air out of the room – so to speak…

My 2cents – I like the less active blog moderating – makes for more free wheeling and open exchange… scroll on by the squabbling if it offends. It sounds like WhaleRider wants more restriction, more control… that sounds boring (to me).

WhaleRider, it sounds like you are lobbying for the role of moderator… personally I hope Steve continues – if he wants to – personally, I wouldn’t want a control-freak in charge here.

80. WhaleRider - August 3, 2019

I personally wouldn’t want a control freak as moderator either. Hella no.

On the other hand, why have guidelines if they are not enforced? Shall we just do away with them?

Apparently Steve was willing to offer moderation to CS. I nearly shit my pants.

So ya, I offered to moderate instead and promised to follow his example, with the caveat that I would stop posting to avoid a conflict of interest and be more ambivalent.

If you and others feel I lack the integrity to be impartial, I’ll have to accept that and scroll on.

I’m totally fine with Steve continuing if he wants to, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to hand over moderation to somebody just out of the cult. I’d be just as happy if you took on the role.

Apparently, Ames and Nancy met CS and A44, so what’s all the fuss about?

I think it’s healthy for those with moderate views of the FOF to get their feet wet on the blog so they can reality test their viewpoint. Then without the guidelines, we can all line up, piss on their parade and gloat about it.

If I spent decades of my life in periphery of the cult without experiencing the corrupt core, I, too, would probably want to gloss over the icky parts and focus on the shiny parts. I get where they are coming from; it’s just not the whole story. That’s why i’m here.

This is the challenge outsiders like the journalist are facing as well. In my mind that doesn’t mean moderates ought to be “degraded” on the blog or pistol whipped either.

81. ton2u - August 3, 2019


For me it’s not a question of lacking you integrity…. quite the opposite… if anything I think you’d be a ‘stickler’ for following rules and guidelines. Like I said, I prefer things a little more loose and freewheeling – but that’s just me. Yes I think you could be “fair and balanced” as a moderator but that’s not an endorsement – your voice and continuing contribution in “real time” would be sorely missed if you were to disappear behind the scenes. I think you and others here tend to moderate things in real time as it is… calling out B.S. and cult-think when it shows up has the effect of the blog self-regulating. It seems to me that sort of push and pull in the interaction is essential to the ‘health’ of the blog. Just my opinion…

82. ton2u - August 3, 2019


“…it’s not a question of you lacking integrity…”

(dyslexia shows up now and then)

83. Artemis44 - August 3, 2019

80. WhaleRider

‘I personally wouldn’t want a control freak as moderator either. Hella no.’
That would suffocate the blog.

‘On the other hand, why have guidelines if they are not enforced? Shall we just do away with them?’
I strongly believe that without guidelines this blog may become like many others online blogs: a chaotic mixture of negativity, judgement and vanity. The reason that it never happened in the past even if the guidelines were not respected is because moderates like Cult Survivor and I left when they were attacked. We are probably the first that remained.

‘Apparently Steve was willing to offer moderation to CS. I nearly shit my pants.’
I’d never make CS the moderator, I think he needs one! I see Steve offering moderation to him as a sign that Steve is tired of moderating after 11 years (who wouldn’t be?)

‘So ya, I offered to moderate instead and promised to follow his example, with the caveat that I would stop posting to avoid a conflict of interest and be more ambivalent.’
I also think that the moderator shouldn’t post.

‘If you and others feel I lack the integrity to be impartial, I’ll have to accept that and scroll on.’
I do feel that you would be a good moderator but I agree with ton2u that the blog needs your contribution.

‘I’m totally fine with Steve continuing if he wants to, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to hand over moderation to somebody just out of the cult. I’d be just as happy if you took on the role.’
I’m fine with Steve too but I feel he is ready to move on.

‘Apparently, Ames and Nancy met CS and A44, so what’s all the fuss about? ‘
We are two different people, as Ames and Gilbert verified when we met. We are similar in the sense that we are both “moderate”, as you said, but we are quite different in our views of the FOF.

‘I think it’s healthy for those with moderate views of the FOF to get their feet wet on the blog so they can reality test their viewpoint. Then without the guidelines, we can all line up, piss on their parade and gloat about it.’
Yes, it is healthy. On the other hand, personal attacks are not.

‘If I spent decades of my life in periphery of the cult without experiencing the corrupt core, I, too, would probably want to gloss over the icky parts and focus on the shiny parts. I get where they are coming from; it’s just not the whole story. That’s why i’m here.’
That’s why I believe you should remain as a contributor. I personally was not looking for a group when I joined the FOF in 2006. I was not a member when I met my husband and moved to Apollo so I joined without knowing what the FOF was about. My family warned me about the FOF and told me to research online before joining but I decided to follow my husband. I always thought that REB was a phony and the whole sequence thing was ridiculous, but I enjoyed being involved with the arts at Apollo for almost 10 years. The FOF was more like a social group than a cult for me but as you said I never had contact with the ‘corrupt core’. This blog made me realize that there is a lot I didn’t know about the FOF (and I believe that many current members don’t know either).

‘This is the challenge outsiders like the journalist are facing as well. In my mind that doesn’t mean moderates ought to be “degraded” on the blog or pistol whipped either.’
It doesn’t feel good to be insulted (specially with profanity). That not only scares the moderates but also visitors to the blog, as you said before.

84. ton2u - August 3, 2019

Artemis 83

A couple of thoughts:

You say: “…moderates like Cult Survivor and I…”

Re: ‘Cult Survivor’ – a “moderate” is not the term I would use to describe someone who feels the compulsion to comment on every comment here.

You say: “I’m fine with Steve too but I feel he is ready to move on.”

Instead of projecting your ‘feeling’ onto Steve how about letting him speak for himself…

85. Artemis44 - August 3, 2019

84. ton2u

When I said that Cult Survivor was a ‘moderate’ I was referring to his position regarding the FOF (as Whalerider did) not the number of posts. By the way when I said that Cult Survivor needs a moderator I was referring to the number of posts.

Regarding Steve’s feelings, I think I’m entitled to my opinion. Only somebody that is tired and ready to move on will offer the role of moderator to Cult Survivor IMO.

86. brucelevy - August 3, 2019

Jesus fucking Christ.

87. fofblogmoderator - August 3, 2019

I would appreciate it if we could end the conversation about me staying or going. I already said I’m staying and once again, if you want to comment on the moderator’s role, please email me.

88. Tim Campion - August 3, 2019


Were you summoning Jesus F. Christ or Jesus H. Christ? (I just need to know where to route your message.)


Enjoy your weekend!

89. brucelevy - August 3, 2019

88. Tim Campion

Jesus Friedrich Christ.

90. Cult Survivor - August 3, 2019


91. crossroads - August 3, 2019

fucking weird

92. crossroads - August 3, 2019

ok, delete that

93. crossroads - August 3, 2019

94. crossroads - August 3, 2019

According to your expertise, what is Catharsis?
what is Kali, the Goddess?

95. brucelevy - August 3, 2019

Osho was as full of shit as RB. And just as deviant. Maybe an iota more intelligent then RB. Many of his students, including a past friend of mine, died from AIDS in his ant farm, and infected their infant children. He’s glib, and cute and a fucking disease. And his number 2, Ma Anand Shiela was a real criminal, planning poisoning citizens of the town they were trying to take over as well as murdering people she felt were standing in her way. All these gurus are fucking criminals. If someone wants to “teach you”, get as far away as you can before they ass fuck you and take your bank card.

96. brucelevy - August 3, 2019

Sorry, it’s Ma Anand Sheela.

97. crossroads - August 3, 2019

A good reason for using “labels” and calling “names”, is because it saves time. Some people here are lunatics when they go about posting! They have ZERO “external consideration” (!)

3 to 6 posts PER PAGE or 1000 words per page Maximum –
For spontaneous input / 3 to 5 lines – no limit nor restriction
ongoing PR inserts with warnings about FOF – the core of the discussion.

Oh but,
Survivor suggested 6 posts a DAY with 300 words each post (!!!) with “active” moderation (although they are “moderate”)
WhaleRider suggests 3 posts a DAY (!) with “passive” moderation, but he is a control-freak… with all those rules!
Jesus F. Christ!

Tired or not tired, Steve is the best just the way he moderates!
Now, time to be passive… bye

98. Cult Survivor - August 3, 2019

95. brucelevy

In my opinion REB is more intelligent than Osho. REB has been running his cult for almost 50 years and nobody was poisoned or got AIDS to my knowledge — only herpes.

99. crossroads - August 3, 2019

Bruce, it is not about Osho, is about …… FUCK

How about this one:

100. Cult Survivor - August 3, 2019

97. crossroads

300 is not a lot of words (your last post has 131). I find your suggestion of 3 to 6 posts PER PAGE or 1,000 words fine regarding the number of words but too limited regarding the number of posts, considering that a page here has typically around 9,000 words and 100 posts.

101. Cult Survivor - August 3, 2019

I published a new video on my YouTube channel: “Robert Earl Burton and his entourage walking backwards”:

Now, time to be passive… bye

102. crossroads - August 3, 2019

Survivor, according to your math, and following my suggestion, a lunatic like you can have up to one ninth of each page in this blog!
…of course, you want more – smarty pants…

103. Cult Survivor - August 3, 2019

102. crossroads

I said that I think it is fine regarding the number of words (11%) but is too low regarding the number of posts (3-6%).

Did you notice that we both said “Now, time to be passive… bye” but we are still here? I guess we are mirrors to each other… Good night!

104. brucelevy - August 3, 2019

99. crossroads

Yeah. Carlin, Osho, Lennie Bruce they all pulled this same “fuck” scam. Only Bruce and Carlin pulled it off without appearing like a snake oil salesman.

105. Honeur - August 3, 2019

Hello Journalist. Are you still following the Blog? You write: “I am making a great effort to understand the Fellowship and its history”. “I have no mission beyond understanding the community.” Can I ask you, why? Why did you choose the Fellowship of Friends and why would someone who has/had absolutely nothing to do with it, want that? Thank you.

(Sorry for jumping in like this, I left the FoF 5 years ago)

106. crossroads - August 3, 2019

bye bye mirror

107. fofblogmoderator - August 3, 2019

#105 is a new contributor. Welcome.

108. WhaleRider - August 4, 2019

Cult Leader Now Says Blog’s OK

Spinning House, CA-In a heart stopping reversal today, Fellowship of Friends bleeder Robert E Burton shocked to life the vortex of his tender young inner circle by suddenly changing his mind, without warning, and apparently is now encouraging all his followers to read the infamous blog, starting at the beginning, and not shun the blog as they had been told to do in the past, which didn’t seem odd to anyone, since for them, the past doesn’t exist, only the present.

However, there’s a catch. The “Teacher” (as he likes to be called) “is requesting that followers only read the blog with their left eye, in order to see through to the work of higher forces”, Fellowship officials said.

“That blog didn’t just decide to start up and keep going all by itself! Higher Forces has had a hand in it, it has a hand in everything!” said the grinning Burton, seated outside on the grounds of his crumbling estate by the tacky Micheal Angelo knock off.

“The blog is amazing, Higher Forces shines right through, like magic! But be intentionally careful, read slowly, and read it using your left eye only”, Burton warned his sheepish followers. “If you look through your right eye, or both eyes, well, something bad might happen, very bad…then you actually might start believing what you read, and that’s bad for you and bad for me,” he said.

But apparently it won’t be bad for Burton’s bottom line. It will now cost a follower an extra $25 dollars to have their picture taken with Burton and with you holding a live link to the blog on your smart phone or tablet.

“But if any of you way out there on the fringes read it and want to turn your back on Higher Forces and me, dear, that’s ok”, Burton said awkwardly gesticulating with his roaming hands, “I’ve been so focused on remembering myself that I could never remember all your names anyway.”

Ex-followers were skeptical of this new move. “Another Burton nothing-burger,” said one ex-follower, who spent decades in the cult. “Shippers, we call them now…because they ship them in, use them up, then they ship them off…they mostly don’t have the mental bandwidth to comprehend what’s really being said on the blog, not because for most current followers English is their second language, it’s because every single waking moment…Burton’s followers are instructed to silently chant a list of 30 memorized canine commands in their heads, narrowing the window of their attention span down to a few seconds, diminishing their critical thought level down to zero and “conscious” choice pattern reduced to either yes or maybe later, but mostly yes. Reading the heartfelt testimonials will set up too much cognitive dissonance… logic and reason doesn’t work down the rabbit hole. They can’t put two and two together. They will just get confused and quickly lose interest. The deal is, from day one, followers are instructed not to say no to higher forces.”

109. ton2u - August 4, 2019

CS @ 98

“In my opinion REB is more intelligent than Osho. REB has been running his cult for almost 50 years and nobody was poisoned or got AIDS to my knowledge — only herpes.”

Seriously ? I admit I’m not sure how to “read” you… to me you still come off as still “on the fence” and a burton apologist.

“ONLY HERPES”?! You’ve got to be kidding!

If your joking in this post then disregard the following… If you’re not just being a wise ass, I’d say you have a really fucked up barometer for determining intelligence.

Ever hear of emotional intelligence? or moral intelligence? How about the intelligence of common decency…

110. ton2u - August 4, 2019

Honur @ 105

I emailed the journalist last week with some of the same questions – he hasn’t responded.

111. Cult Survivor - August 4, 2019

109. ton2u

I was being sarcastic. I do believe that REB is more intelligent than Osho — an evil intelligence of course.

112. Insider - August 4, 2019

There are many members and ex-members who can’t let go of thinking Burton is “intelligent.” I hear this regularly. Intelligent because, somehow, he has kept the con going for so long. Intelligent because he knows “so much” about people and places, and has memorized all those quotes. Intelligent because he knows where and when he bought each antique, and how much it cost.

CS was not being sarcastic. In this respect CS is still a cult member, because he can’t see through Burton’s “conscious” act. He still admires Burton and, I’m sure, would love to have Burton’s skills in creating and maintaining a cult.

113. Cult Survivor - August 4, 2019

112. Insider

I never said that REB was intelligent — I said that he was more intelligent than Osho.

Now, time to be passive… bye

114. Honeur - August 4, 2019

I wouldn’t call Burton intelligent, but “smart”. Has nothing to do with using your brain, making connections between A and B, critical thinking etc. It’s more like a reflex to get people do what you want. It’s the typical smartness of a manipulator (see Jeffrey Epstein).

115. fofblogmoderator - August 4, 2019

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